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Malaysia is all about us

A National Day video has sent out a sheer sign to all that we contingency work towards creation Malaysia a improved home for all.

NO MCA politician has generated this kind of hum on amicable media. The final one who set a Internet on fire, a parliamentary claimant who contested a Bukit Bintang subdivision in a final ubiquitous election, did so with an annoying bit of footage.

It was so stirring to a senses that a shave wormed a approach into newsfeeds of unfamiliar radio stations, during a responsibility of poor, gullible viewers.

So, it was rare when a video – featuring MCA boss Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai as a minister, citizen and father – of this inlet generated some-more than 200,000 views over a final 4 days, a series still on a rise.

The MCA has infrequently found it formidable to light a imagination of a Chinese community. Perhaps, a pursuit of rubbishing a Government is some-more appealing to a reading, listening and observation public. Truth be told, it is easier to do that than explain and urge supervision policies. No surprises afterwards since MCA leaders mostly finish adult priesthood to a converted, ie, their possess celebration members during a ceramah.

But that altered final week. The six-minute National Day shave has turn a speak of a town. It held on so good that it exceeded a views of videos of a new SEA Games KL 2017, on YouTube on Aug 30.

In a video, Liow, portrays himself as a Transport Minister intent in an honest review with a citizen (a double act of himself), who is clearly discontented by a approach a republic is being run.

It is Liow like we have never seen before – a citizen chronicle of him, shabby, dejected and a small rude, even.

“Citizen Liow” vents his frustrations, echoing a country’s stream mood, and brings adult a demeaning “balik tongsan” remarks and autochthonous hurtful practices, among others. At one point, he even throws a fistful of “rabbit” candy during a apportion in his home. The on-screen ring between both Liows is brutally frank, mirroring a ubiquitous sentiments of a internal Chinese community.

Professional filmmakers, Pete Teo and Liew Seng Tat, have finished a truly important pursuit for Liow in addressing issues opposed a community. To call this brief film a square of promotion is positively blank a habitual points presented.

Come to consider of it, not once were difference like MCA, Barisan Nasional, One Malaysia or unity, so compared with Liow and other Cabinet members, ever uttered. This National Day, no one was asked to be beholden to a Government.

In fact, we should have reminded a inaugurated leaders to be beholden to a people, instead, for fixation them in those lofty positions in a initial place.

At a time when politicians are put underneath a microscope, their any pierce scrutinised, Liow has taken a fresher route. He has addressed and opted to bargain with issues that have not usually bothered, though harm a village for a longest time.

It is purposeless revelation a Chinese that Malaysia is their home, usually to have nonconformist groups bother them to “go behind to China”. Inexplicably, these groups seem to suffer forlorn shield and are spared any kind of punishment for their open arrangement of disdain.

Liow has attempted to squeeze a longhorn by a horns, as decorated in this video, as he honestly admits his failings and shortcomings, surrender that he could have finished some-more for a community, though was crippled by severe critique of how a republic is increasingly being divided by competition and religion.

He has selected a formidable subject, one that Malaysians cite to complain about within a village or in inside tones, and positively not during a time when a republic celebrates a 60th year of independence, with flag-waving initiatives aplenty.

In fact, a MCA president’s chuck of a bones has paid off, and utterly handsomely, too.

A author on a pro-Malaysiakini forum, famous for a vicious MCA stance, pronounced “the MCA boss has never ever before gifted this turn of publicity. This scares many groups of people.”

“For his opponents, a rivalry whom they deemed ‘inconsequential’ unexpected has entrance to a vast audience. The antithesis has left into counterclaim mode by attacking. As they unleash their trolls and try unenlightened interpretations of what is fundamentally a film job for inhabitant togetherness and hope, they contrition themselves by holding a genealogical hardline to a non-partisan message.”

The author combined that “the video tugged during a heartstrings even. People of all races have seen it as a unifying force. It has combined a larger bargain of how a Chinese in Malaysia feel, and imparts a significance of bargain any other’s grouses if we wish to reanimate a nation.”

The existence is, Malaysia is a home. There is no other place for us. Not Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, China or India. As Martin Luther King Jr said, we came in many ships though we are now in a same boat. For improved or worse, we have been brought together by destiny and we contingency work to make Malaysia a improved place to live in.

Criticising a supervision of a day is fine, though using a republic down is unsuitable since politicians come and go, though not a country. Our home stays a approach it always has. And who else to improved take caring of her than us?

Liow, in this National Day season, has sent us this reminder, quite to a Chinese community.

It is easier to be a champion of a sold village by ramping adult a single-race rhetoric, though most harder to change a final of a racial groups that make adult Malaysia.

But since we have practised a enlightenment of bargain and acceptance, there is no reason since this shouldn’t continue to work. After all, Malaysia is about all of us.

Article source: http://www.thestar.com.my/opinion/columnists/on-the-beat/2017/09/03/malaysia-is-all-about-us-a-national-day-video-has-sent-out-a-stark-reminder-to-all-that-we-must-work/