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Malaysia military examine rapper over Lunar New Year dog video

A rapper is underneath military review in Muslim-majority Malaysia for allegedly scornful Islam with a Lunar New Year video that facilities dancers wearing dog masks and behaving revealing moves, reports pronounced Monday.

The video facilities argumentative rapper Wee Meng Chee, famous by his theatre name Namewee, sitting on a chair in front of a domed building and mimicking barks of canines from around a world.

Several black-clad dancers wearing masks of dogs — an animal deliberate soiled in Islam — spin around him, with dual of them mimicking a “doggy-style” sex move.

The video, that outlines a start of a Year of a Dog now being distinguished opposite Asia, generated accusations that it was filmed in front of a mosque in a executive collateral Putrajaya.

National military arch Mohamad Fuzi Harun reportedly pronounced an review has been launched into a artist — who is from a country’s racial Chinese minority — for spiteful eremite feelings and “transmitting descent communications.”

Namewee, who is reported to be abroad, faces adult to a year in jail if found guilty.

In a YouTube video, a rapper denied carrying angry Islam and pronounced that a domed building manifest in a credentials was a primary minister’s office, not a mosque.

“The reports observant we angry Islam are not true,” he said. “We did not film a song video during any place of worship. It was finished in an open area.”

The examine commenced after complaints from Muslim groups and open critique from a emissary primary apportion over a video, that has some-more than 700,000 views on YouTube given being expelled Feb 10.

Lunar New Year is a vital jubilee in Malaysia, where a entertain of a race are from a Chinese diaspora, though a Year of a Dog has valid sensitive.

Some shops have avoided displaying dog imagery in their decorations for fear of causing offense.

Namewee has regularly been during a core of controversy. In 2016, he was incarcerated for several days for allegedly scornful Islam over a video partly filmed inside a mosque.

Malaysia generally practices a assuage form of Islam though eremite tensions have escalated in new years, with concerns flourishing over a arise in regressive Islamic attitudes.

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