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Malaysia to solidify fee rates for 21 highways in 2019

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian supervision will say stream fee charges for 21 highways subsequent year, as partial of efforts to ease the weight of rising vital costs, pronounced financial apportion Lim Guan Eng on Thursday (Dec 27).

In a statement, Lim pronounced a freeze, that will request to all car categories, would cost a supervision RM972.75 million (US$232.8 million) in remuneration payments to a applicable highway fee concessionaires.

“The list of 21 highways and fee plazas, that were scheduled to declare fee rate hikes, have instead had their hikes frozen,” he was reported as observant by The Malaysian Insight.

“The extensive fee travel solidify is an ongoing bid by a Pakatan Harapan (PH)-led sovereign supervision to assuage a weight of rising vital costs borne by all Malaysians.”

The 21 highways embody a North-South Highway, a Malaysia-Singapore Second Link Highway and a East Coast Highway Phase 1, among others.

Malaysia’s Minister of Finance Lim Guan Eng (centre) presenting a 2019 bill during a Parliament House in Kuala Lumpur. (Photo: AFP)

The preference to solidify highway fee charges, that was done by Cabinet on Dec 12, is a “marked enhancement” over what was announced in Nov when a supervision denounced a 2019 budget, Lim added. Then, a apportion pronounced a solidify would usually request to intra-city tolls.

On Wednesday, Lim announced that a PH supervision will resume money handouts to low income families subsequent month, with a initial tranche of a Cost of Living Aid – value RM300 per domicile – to be paid on Jan 28.

The supervision has perceived slam for unwell to broach some of a choosing promises, such as creation all roads toll-free as good as a moratorium of payments for loans taken for aloft education.

Lim pronounced in his matter that a supervision was constantly study a best ways to perform a ubiquitous choosing declaration promises.

“The fee travel solidify is partial of these efforts,” he was quoted as observant by The Malaysian Insight.

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File print of a Tuas Second Link. (Photo: TODAY) 

The Malaysian supervision will also annul motorcycle fee fares for a Second Link, as good as a dual bridges joining Penang to a mainland in 2019.

This was progressing announced when a 2019 bill was unveiled.

On Nov 4, a orator from Singapore’s Ministry of Transport remarkable Malaysia’s skeleton to mislay motorcycle tolls during a Second Link from Jan 1.

“Singapore’s long-standing process is to compare Malaysia’s fee rates. This reflects a common inlet of a Second Link,” pronounced a spokesperson.

“Should Malaysia revoke or mislay a motorcycle fee charges during a Second Link, Singapore will compare Malaysia’s revised toll rates.”

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