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Malaysian govt to investigate aphrodisiac claims of durians

KUALA LUMPUR – The Malaysian supervision is looking during conducting minute studies on claims that durians have aphrodisiac value.

“A crony told me it is loyal that there have been studies conducted on claims that durians have aphrodisiac value and are pronounced to be good for men. We will ask a applicable people to control some-more investigate into this matter,” Agriculture and Agro-based Resources Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek was quoted as observant in Parliament on Thursday (Nov 16).

He was responding to a doubt from associate Barisan Nasional lawmaker Noor Azmi Ghazali who asked either a extensive investigate would be carried out on a health advantages of frequently eating durians.

Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery pronounced prior investigate had showed that a durian “is one of a smelliest nonetheless many healthful fruits in a world”.

“For instance, investigate finished in Thailand showed that a durian has aloft antioxidants than other pleasant fruits, and has polysaccharide jelly that helps kindle a defence systems to revoke cholesterol,” he said.

“A investigate from China showed that a durian skin has drug and antibiotic properties that helps to soothe coughs, while a investigate from Singapore pronounced durian has high levels of potassium that helps to revoke high blood pressure,” he added.

Other studies, he said, showed that a durian has anti-ageing properties and contributed to a body’s prolongation of serotonin. “According to these experts, it is unequivocally loyal that a durian is a pivotal to a happiness,” he said.

Ahmad Shabery also pronounced that Malaysia now has a record to safety durians to safeguard a longer shelf life. This, he said, could be finished by regulating a multiple of low solidify record and collagen that can make a durians final adult to a year, a New Straits Times reported.

Durians customarily have a shelf life of 3 to 6 days when kept during room temperature. Extending their shelf life , he said, would relieve a impact that a fruit’s anniversary supply has on prices.

“Using low solidify and collagen, durians can final adult to year. Already, a durian deteriorate is entrance and a cost of Musang King had forsaken to between RM50 (S$16) and RM40 per kilogram recently,” he was quoted saying.

Ahmad Shabery was also asked by another lawmaker if Malaysia was able of producing durians all year long. “We have imports from Thailand though we can't contend specifically. However many of a universe community, if given a choice between durian from Thailand and durian from Malaysia, those from Malaysia is preferred”, he said.

A necessity in a durian supply this year caused by a continue had led to a spike in prices. Some varieties saw prices rising from RM40 to 60 per kilogram to some-more than RM100 per kilogram, a New Straits Times reported.

Meanwhile, a rising recognition of a fruit among a Chinese in new years has led Malaysian producers to trade many of their collect to China.

Prices in China for a cherished Musang King accumulation had in some cases reportedly reached RM500 (S$161) per kg.

Ahmad Shabery progressing this month led a Malaysian commission to a three-day durian festival in Nanning, in China’s Guanxi province. Some 5,000 kg of a Musang King¬†variety were shipped from Malaysia to China for a festival, that ran from Nov 3 to Nov 5, Bernama reported.

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