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Malaysian IS belligerent seen inciting terror

KUALA LUMPUR: A new video has emerged display a Malaysian Islamic State (IS) belligerent inciting nonconformist movement along with dual other militants, before executing 3 captives.

The eight-minute, 12-second clip, that starts with footage of atrocities committed by IS in several countries including France, shows a militants job on Muslims to launch attacks in their possess countries if they are incompetent to join a apprehension organisation in Syria and Iraq.

The Malaysian, identified as 25-year-old Muhammad Aqif Heusen Rahizat, can be seen propelling Muslims to arise up.

He is accompanied by Singaporean Abu Akil Al-Singa­puri­@Kamal and a third, unclear militant.

“Come join us (IS) in Syria and Iraq though if we cannot, we titillate we to launch attacks on a enemies of Islam in your possess countries.

“Do we still have any reason for being left behind from rising up?” Muhammad Aqif pronounced in a video during a 2:32 mark.

Abu Akil is also listened propelling militants to stay organisation as a fighting has only begun.

“We will never stop until we clean a land from easterly Asia to west of Africa,” he said.

At a finish of a video, a 3 militants are shown fatally sharpened 3 individuals, believed to be their prisoners.

Intelligence sources pronounced a video was initial aired on Khayr Wilayah – one of a central media for IS – on Dec 29 in Arabic and English.

Other sources pronounced Muhammad Aqif, who is also famous as Abu Sufyan Malayzi, left for Syria on Dec 28, 2013.

“The suspect, who is from Kluang, Johor, went to Syria and assimilated a Ajnad Al-Syam belligerent group, that also has former PAS personality and ISA detainee Mohd Lotfi Ariffin as a member.

“After Mohd Lotfi’s genocide on Sept 14, 2014, Muhammad Aqif assimilated IS,” a source told The Star.

It is learnt that Muhammad Aqif managed to remonstrate his comparison hermit Muhammad Afiq Heusen to join him in Syria along with Ummi Kalsom Bahak, who was incarcerated during a KLIA 2 on Oct 5, 2014.

It is believed that Ummi Kalsom was formulation to marry Muhammad Aqif once she got to Syria.

Sources pronounced Muhammad Aqif was not active on amicable media and elite to distortion low compared to other high-profile Malaysian militants – until a presentation of this video.

“Authorities trust a think is still in Abu Kamal, that is during a limit between Syria and Iraq,” a source said.

The video, comprehension sources said, showed that Muhammad Aqif is still active with IS notwithstanding a harmful waste suffered by a apprehension organisation as a outcome of assaults by a Syrian and Iraqi armies, aided by Russia and a United States.

“The call of fake jihad in a video is a large hazard to Malaysia’s confidence as it competence change IS supporters in Malaysia to launch attacks,” another source said.

It is learnt that a authorities have stepped adult comprehension entertainment and are on high warning to understanding with any hazard to a nation’s security.

A sum of 53 Malaysians are still in Syria, including 12 women.

Article source: https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/01/02/msian-is-militant-seen-inciting-terror-he-and-two-other-extremists-go-on-to-execute-their-captives-i/


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