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Malaysian, US army reason six-day troops practice in Tanduo

LAHAD DATU: The shores of Tanduo shook amid complicated aerial and naval barrage early Tuesday as chosen Malaysian and American commandos done amphibious landings to “wipe out” a Abu Sayyaf organisation holding a area.

The troops movement during Tanduo beach in Sabah’s easterly seashore district was only a make-believe and proof practice by Malaysia’s chosen sea commandos PASCAL and a US military’s Green Barrets.

The concurrent training was partial of a Tiger Strike 2017 corner practice between a Malaysian Armed Forces and a United State First Marine Corp.

Apart from a navy and atmosphere force, a belligerent army of a Battalion 22 of a Royal Malay Regiment were assimilated by a 1st Marine Regiment of a United States Marine Corp (USMC) in a “assault” opposite a terrorists.

They continued their practice during a army’s sharpened operation in Camp Paradise during Kota Belud on Tuesday underneath a six-day practice from Nov 16-23.

According to a statement, Exercise Tiger Strike 2017 concerned 458 group and officers with 329 from a Malaysia Armed Forces and 129 from USMC.

The aim of a operations were to exam “interoperability” between Malaysian and US army during a corner troops operation.

The dual armed army also tested their communications, formulation and implementing a amphibian alighting and attack capabilities.

“This practice or training will advantage both a army in terms of operative together in opposite terrorism quite along a seashore of Sabah’s easterly coast.

“It also provides a American marines a genuine feel of combating within a timberland and engulf conditions in a area,” Malaysian Armed Forces partner arch staff for operations and training Mejar Jeneral Datuk Sheikh Mokhsin said.

USMC 1st Regiment Commander Colonel Kevin Norton was among those benefaction during a exercise.

Tanduo was a centre of a Lahad Datu penetration by southern Philippines formed Sulu gunmen in Feb 2013.

Article source: https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2017/11/21/malaysian-us-forces-hold-sixday-military-exercise-in-tanduo/