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Malaysia’s Dahmakan chows down $2.6M for the end-to-end food smoothness service


, a food smoothness startup from Malaysia that graduated Y Combinator final year, has lifted $2.6 million as it starts to try a intensity to enhance a business opposite Southeast Asia.

The startup distinguishes itself from a likes of FoodPanda and Deliveroo with an “end-to-end” proceed to food, that’s to contend that it cooks all dishes itself and dispatches them to customers, too. (That’s also called “full-stack” though maybe “food-stack” is some-more appropriate.) Most important, it considers a food to be healthy rather than of a junk/variety — that’s only a right note for those (of us) on a New Year-powered health kick.

Last year was a large one for the Kuala Lumpur-based startup. It lifted $1.3 million in February and afterwards went on to be partial of YC’s summer 2017 program, apropos a initial startup from Malaysia to enter a rarely rated startup accelerator. This time around, a new turn is led by Y Combinator, Texas Atlantic Capital, Swiss family bureau Atami Capital and a former owner of PE Fund APAX Partners with appearance from undisclosed existent backers

Dahmakan co-founder Jessica Li — one of a contingent of ex-FoodPandas who started a association in 2015 — told TechCrunch that a new income (which is a pre-Series A) will go towards building record and exploring opportunities to enhance a business in Southeast Asia, a segment where online spending is sloping to quadruple by 2025.

Indonesia and Thailand are dual marketplace expansions that are being mulled during this point.

Some of a cooking options accessible on Dahmakan

On a tech-side, Dahmakan has invested in logistics and synthetic comprehension record to create The Dahmakan Intelligent Operator System (DIOS) that a startup claims is a self-learning complement that manages a swift and patron demand. Unlike others, like contend FoodPanda, that work in partnership with food outlets, Dahmakan delivers during unchanging plate times so it is means to practice a lot some-more control on smoothness times.

Rather than grouping during any time, food is delivered to business in report time windows and that’s led to a pledge that food won’t be late, or business get their income back.

Beyond an a la grant menu, Dahmakan also offers a ‘Prime’ package that gives business a bonus for shopping 10, 20 or 50 dishes in bulk, while there are some-more stretchable options for business catering, too.

Controlling all processes in-house appears to be some-more remunerative than a hit-and-miss proceed of food smoothness firms, that need immeasurable scale to strech profitability. Dahmakan claims to be section essential and it pronounced it has increasing month-to-month sales by 20 percent on an ongoing basement given a launch.

FoodPanda, Uber Eats and Deliveroo are among a apparent competitors in a region, though Grain in Singapore is maybe a closest match to Dahmakan’s end-to-end approach.

Nasi Lemak is a classical plate rom Malaysia

Article source: https://techcrunch.com/2018/01/04/dahmakan-chows-down-2-6m-more/


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