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Malaysia’s Hindus applaud Thaipusam during Batu Caves

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – The Batu Caves church complex, located in a good limestone cavern on a hinterland of a Malaysian collateral Kuala Lumpur, for one day a year becomes a categorical place of ceremony for Malaysia’s vast Tamil community.

More than a million visitors, Hindu pilgrims from Malaysia and beside countries, alongside tourists, rally during a church to attend in Thaipusam.

The eventuality is one of a categorical Hindu celebrations in Malaysia and a biggest festival in a universe dedicated to a Hindu God Murugan.

According to Hindu mythology, Murugan, a God of courage, resources and wisdom, degraded a demons regulating a stalk named Vel, so saving humanity.

Hindu devotees urge to Murugan via a year, seeking for assistance in several aspects of their lives and vouch to perform a event during Thaipusam, if their wishes are granted.

The pilgrims travel barefoot for several kilometres and stand 272 stairs to a church of Lord Murugan located in a center of a cave.

They lift offerings that change from bowls of divert to elaborate contraptions that can import adult to 80kg famous as “Kavadi”.

They mostly perform acts of self-sacrifice, trenchant their skin with china skewers that symbolize a Vel or with hooks from that they hang fruits or bowls of milk.

The protocol is dictated to better a pilgrim’s middle demons and benefit a god’s blessings. 

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