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Man Dies From Flesh-Eating Bacteria After Eating Oyster At Florida Restaurant

The Florida Department of Health has suggested that an aged male died from bacterial infection after eating sinister oyster at a restaurant.

Seafood Meal At A Florida Restaurant

Health officials pronounced that a 71-year-old male died from an infection of a Vibrio vulnificus bacteria after carrying a seafood dish during a grill in Sarasota, Florida on Jul 8. The unnamed man, who had underlying medical conditions, died dual days later.

The dialect did not recover a name of a grill where a male ate a sinister shellfish. Nonetheless, it pronounced that this is a initial reliable box and genocide of Vibrio vulnificus in Sarasota County this year. The county did not have any vibrio cases final year though there were reliable cases and one genocide in 2016.

Vibrio Vulnificus

Vibrio vulnificus is a singular infection caused by eating tender or undercooked shellfish especially oysters or by bearing of cuts and wounds to brackish and salt H2O where a germ thrive.

Vibrio vulnificus is also referred to as a “flesh-eating bacteria”. Health officials, however, pronounced this tag is dubious given a germ do not conflict healthy skin.

Infection by Vibrio vulnificus is characterized by fever, chills, decreased blood vigour and peppery skin lesions.


Healthy people rise amiable illness from a infection though a infection can turn some-more critical and even lethal in people with compromised defence systems, quite those with a ongoing liver disease.

People with a preexisting medical condition have 80 times aloft risk for Vibrio vulnificus bloodstream infections compared with healthy people.

“The micro-organism can invade a bloodstream, causing a serious and life-threatening illness,” a Florida Department of Health said.” Vibrio vulnificus bloodstream infections are deadly about 50 percent of a time.”


Experts suggest those with a open wound not to enter brackish seawater but protection.

“If we have a wound (including cuts and scrapes), equivocate hit with brackish or saltwater or cover a wound with a waterproof gauze if there’s a probability it could come into hit with brackish or salt water, tender seafood, or tender seafood juices,” a U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.

Oysters, clams, and mussels need to be baked entirely given infection might be engaged by expenditure of undercooked shellfish. Individuals who vaunt symptoms after entering a H2O with open wounds or after eating tender shellfish are urged to see their doctor.

Suspected cases of Vibrio vulnificus need to be immediately treated with antibiotics to urge their survival. In patients with wound infection, a wound might reanimate feeble and might even need surgery. Amputation of a putrescent prong might also turn necessary.

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