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Man Gets Stuck On Train In England, Travels It For 5 Years Before Being Found

A behind train, a blank man, and a five-year-long journey. One can literally make a film on this!

An Englishman – who went blank 5 years ago and was believed to be possibly passed or kidnapped – has now been found alive and well.

What accurately happened?

Colin, 45, who was final seen going to work 5 years ago, boarded a wrong sight and never got off. As it incited out, a sight had malfunctioned and it autonomously kept plying on a same Southern Network over and over for 1825 days!

Brighton train


Officials trust that a existence of a sight got wiped purify off their memories after a staff called in ill and a conductor left a sight for good. In other words, he was never replaced. 

Five years later, Colin finally deboarded a sight during Brighton Station’s height series 5.

How did he survive?

When asked how he survived, Colin pronounced he drank liquids drizzling from a ceiling, and, well, his “own limbs”, reports The Brighton Gazelle



And when serve questioned on because he didn’t eat off a smorgasboard cart, Colin replied, “I’d rather eat my possess leg than compensate those outrageous prices.” Dude!

Wait, there’s more. When inquired on because he didn’t sound a sight alarm, he said, “Oh, we hadn’t suspicion of that.” Whaaa?

What will Colin do now?

Colin has hopes of reuniting with his wife, who sadly has changed on with a new partner Gary and a tiny kid. 

How did a Southern Rail respond?

“We apologize for a delay.” I can’t even. 

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