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Man travels universe with summary for his mom: ‘I’m fine’

Modern record has done it easier than ever to promulgate with desired ones opposite a globe, though that isn’t a box everywhere.

When Brussels proprietor Jonathan Kubben Quiñonez found himself carrying problem removing in hold with his mom abroad, he did what any complicated passenger would do: He started an Instragram page.

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Quiñonez, 27, had a lust for journey and motionless to quit his pursuit and transport a world, starting in Cuba.

“When we arrived there, with a time difference, a Communist celebration restraint a internet and a prices of phone calls, it was formidable to promulgate with my friends and family,” he told The LAD Bible.

So he took to Instagram to request his outing and let his mom know that he was, in fact, fine.

“Whatever your age is, if we have a Latin mom and a passion for adventure, we will have to find a approach to tell her that we are fine,” Quiñonez wrote on Instagram. “This is my way.”

For 9 weeks, he’s documented his travels by Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama and Mexico with photos including a pointer that says “Mom, I’m fine.”

“I started to take cinema in humorous or frightful situations with my sign,” he told The LAD Bible. “Whatever a conditions was, we always found a approach to give my message.”

He told a website that he skeleton to transport around South America by during slightest a finish of a summer.

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