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Man who military contend scaled White House blockade to have psychiatric evaluation

A Connecticut male who military contend draped himself in an American dwindle and scaled a White House blockade on Thanksgiving Day was systematic on Friday to bear an puncture psychiatric evaluation.

Joseph Caputo of Connecticut done an initial coming in D.C. Superior Court. His box will be eliminated to U.S. District Court on Monday, and it will be rubbed by sovereign authorities.

The U.S. Secret Service says Caputo got over a north blockade about 2:45 p.m., as members of President Obama’s family were celebrating Thanksgiving. Agents and officers fast arrested Caputo, who was prisoner on video fibbing face down on a White House lawn.

Authorities have not pronounced how Caputo managed to done it past new “pencil-point” spikes combined to a White House fringe this year to deter intruders. Virginia proprietor Vanessa Peña was visiting a White House when she saw a male behind her take off his sweatshirt and hang an American dwindle around himself. Peña afterwards listened him take a low exhale before saying, “ ‘All right, let’s do this.’ ”

“Then he only ran by us, jumped over a initial block and went over a fence,” pronounced Peña, who prisoner photos of a incident. “Right when he landed, he threw his arms in a atmosphere and went to his knees.”

Caputo was a initial suspect to be seen Friday during D.C. Superior court. He walked in wearing a same outfit he donned when military pronounced he leapt a White House fence: a blue-and-white prolonged sleeve shirt, white pants and Stars and Stripes Converse Chuck Taylor’s. In justice he settled his name though differently did not speak.

In handcuffs, a swell sequence and ankle shackles, he looked true forward during a decider during a proceedings.

U. S. Attorney Ari Redbord pronounced that Caputo is being expelled to a control of a Secret Service for a psychiatric evaluation. Caputo is scheduled to seem in U.S. District Court on Monday.

Caputo’s attorney, Paul Signet, declined to comment. At one indicate a U.S. Marshall pulled folded yellow papers from Caputo’s behind left slot and handed them to a male and a lady who seemed to be family members seated in a courtroom. When Caputo looked back, a woman’s eyes welled with tears. The integrate walked divided from a justice residence hand-in-hand and declined to criticism to reporters.

The jumper sparked misunderstanding after he landed on a White House lawn. Police pushed by tourists to get them behind by Lafayette Square and afterwards sealed off several streets while putting a White House into lockdown.

The Secret Service and confidence during a White House have been underneath heated inspection given final year, after Omar Jose Gonzalez was means to make it to a president’s front doorway and into a initial floor.

Gonzalez, who was convicted in tie with a incident, jumped a blockade and bolted past several layers of confidence before a Secret Service representative incarcerated him, call a examination of a agency’s practices and a abdication of a director, Julia Pierson.

Several others have given attempted to burst a fence.

Fenit Nirappil contributed to this report.

Article source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/public-safety/man-who-police-say-scaled-white-house-fence-to-have-psychiatric-evaluation/2015/11/27/e1464672-9520-11e5-b5e4-279b4501e8a6_story.html