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May travels 700 miles to drum adult by-election votes

Labour and a Conservatives are fighting tough in a final days of a high-stakes by-election in Cumbria.

With a week left until a opinion in Copeland, Labour expelled punchy novel aggressive a Tories over designed cuts to maternity services.

The Conservatives responded yesterday by dispatching a primary apportion on a 700-mile spin outing to boost a party’s chances in what looks set to be a tighten two-horse race.

If a chair were to spin blue, as a bookmakers’ predict, it would be a initial time that a supervision has won a subdivision from a central antithesis in a by-election given a Tories took Mitcham Morden in 1982.

Given that a sprawling northwest constituency, that includes a strand city of Whitehaven, and the foregoer have…

Article source: http://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/may-travels-700-miles-to-drum-up-by-election-votes-t3kz0d88k