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Melisandre Attends Late Night With Seth Meyers Baby Shower With Gifts of Fire and Game of Thrones Teasers

Seth Meyers, Game of Thrones
Seth Meyers, Game of ThronesNBC

If we suspicion Jon Snow during a cooking celebration was terribly awkward, well, we haven’t seen Melisandre (Carice Van Houten) during a baby shower. Until now. The Game of Thrones impression stopped by Seth Meyers and Alexi Ashe‘s baby showering to explain some choice difference of knowledge for a parents-to-be.

“Clutch your child tighten to your breast woman, for a night is dim and full of terrors,” Melisandre offers Ashe in a Late Night With Seth Meyers video below.

This is a initial baby for Ashe and Meyers and according Melisandre, they should urge it’s a boy. “Pray that it’s a son, so that a Lord of Light can demeanour down on him in favor. And if it’s a girl, close it divided in a dim building perpetually and wish it’s not consumed by Greyscale,” she says.

“I consider we’ll be happy possibly way,” Meyers says.

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After a articulate to about being some-more relatable and opening up, Melisandre comes behind with a story about giving birth to a shade demon. “I will never forget a approach it emerged from my womanhood,” she says.

Following another articulate to from Meyers, Melisandre starts quizzing a other guest about their personal lives and opens adult about somebody she’s into during work: Jon Snow (Kit Harington). She’s not certain it’s going to work out. Why? “I’m flattering certain that he’s dead,” she says.

“Pretty certain he’s dead?” Meyers asks.

“Well, that’s a approach it was left,” Melisandre says.

Game of Thrones earnings Sunday, Apr 24 on HBO. Late Night With Seth Meyers front weeknights, 12:35 a.m. on NBC.

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