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Melissa McCarthy Supports Jennifer Aniston’s Essay About Body Shaming: ‘Everybody Needs to Stop Tearing Down …

Melissa McCarthy is entrance out in support of Jennifer Aniston after a singer spoke out about physique degrading in Hollywood.

After Aniston addressed ongoing pregnancy rumors in a scathing essay patrician “For a Record,” McCarthy has called for multitude to “stop ripping down women.”

“Everybody needs to stop ripping down women,” a Ghostbusters star told Entertainment Tonight. “It’s always about a approach we demeanour – saying, ‘He’s really interesting,’ ‘He’s a good writer,’ ‘She’s looking comparison than she was a final time we saw her.’ ”

McCarthy, 45, combined that she’s “one hundred thousand billion percent” with Aniston’s call for a change in a approach women are judged in Hollywood formed on a approach they look.

“It’s a absurd thing,” she said. “I only wish it gets to a indicate where it’s annoying for people to have such a shoal thought.”

But even McCarthy is a initial to acknowledge that it can be tough to conflict self-scrutinizing, generally when one is constantly photographed or seen on screen.

“We all are customarily some-more self-critical towards ourselves. You see each small smirch and think, ‘Oh! we could have finished this, we could have finished that.’ ” she said, adding that she’s schooled not to concentration on her insecurities. “But in a end, when I’m watching, we try not to concentration on myself since we don’t wish to self-examine.”

In Aniston’s essay, a singer asserted that women “are finish with or but a mate, with or but a child. We get to confirm for ourselves what is pleasing when it comes to a bodies.”

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Her letter comes reduction than a month after rumors swirled that Aniston, 47, was profound after paparazzi cinema flush from her vacation in a Bahamas with father Justin Theroux. Reports claimed that Aniston had a “bump” in a pictures, that were taken of her in a bikini.

“I resent being done to feel ‘less than’ since my physique is changing and/or we had a burger for lunch and was photographed from a uncanny angle and therefore deemed one of dual things: ‘pregnant’ or ‘fat.’ ”

The Mother’s Day star urged readers to assistance put a stop to a “objectification and scrutiny” all women go through. “The approach we am portrayed by a media is simply a thoughtfulness of how we see and execute women in general, totalled opposite some mangled customary of beauty,” she explained.

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