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Mercedes Benz’s E300 is a oppulance automobile that happens to be high-tech

It’s easy to get held adult in a oppulance of a E300. It’s lush and discerning (thanks to 241 horsepower and 273 pounds of torque), with facilities we didn’t consider we indispensable until we indeed knowledge them. For instance, when we take a corner, a sides of a chair enhance to keep we from shifting in your seat. It’s like a side cuddle for g-forces.

Keeping your boundary in a chair (which isn’t novel, though still flattering necessary) is one of those instances where Mercedes takes an thought and gives it a bit some-more oomph — maybe some-more than a normal motorist even needs. For example, a journey control car-tracking feature, Distronic, can follow a automobile forward of an E-Class during a fixed distance. That’s not that special; though it can do it during speeds adult to 130 miles per hour.

Steering Pilot, a underline that keeps a automobile in a lane, is also rated during speeds adult to 130MPH. Sadly, in a brief time we was in a vehicle, we was incompetent to get adult to that speed to exam a automaker’s claims. Darn these US laws and a miss of an Autobahn.

I was means to try semi-autonomous facilities out during a some-more reasonable 70MPH, and they worked as advertised. But I’m still a ways off from totally guileless a automobile from hiccuping and putting me in danger. While we was sitting in a newcomer seat, there was a impulse when a motorist and we were endangered that a automobile wouldn’t stop when it was encountering gridlock, though after a few shaken seconds, it stopped and began waiting behind a van.

Once trade had dispersed, a lane-change partner worked about as good it does in all other cars that have this feature. If we have an open lane, it’s happy to oblige. If there’s a automobile together to a E300 or fast approaching, it stays put. Like a competitors, Mercedes is discerning to indicate out that we should keep your hands on a circle during all of these maneuvers. That’s good advice, since ultimately, you’re still in control.

But if things ever should get out of control, Mercedes is there to during slightest assuage a repairs caused by an impact. The Pre-Safe Impulse Side complement detects parallel collisions and moves a motorist and newcomer 2.75 inches divided from a car’s body. It’s regulating a same side bolsters that keep we in your chair when going around corners, usually now it’s pulling we away from an impact.

There’s also a new Pre-Safe Sound. When an approaching impact is detected, a automobile plays a “pink noise” that readies your ears for a sound of a collision. According to Mercedes, this will revoke conference damage. If you’ve ever been in an accident, we might have gifted a toll in your ears afterwards; this is ostensible to forestall that.


While a automobile keeps we protected from dangers on a outside, a interior of a new E300 facilities an discretionary dash-wide arrangement with dual monitors. One replaces a lurch cluster; a other, a infotainment system. My initial regard about these displays is glare. While sitting in a newcomer seat, we did have some problem saying a screens in a afternoon daylight. But once we was behind a wheel, we didn’t have a problem with distracting reflections.

Both displays can be tranquil with a new touch-based controllers on possibly side of a steering wheel, and that’s where things get a bit wonky. For starters, we had problem mastering a controls. Maybe after a few hours in a automobile we would have had some-more success selecting items, though during my brief demo, during least, we couldn’t utterly get a complement to land on a options we wanted many of a time. The E-Class vehicles also have a touchpad in a core console to control a dash, that we finished adult regulating heavily. It’s not a bad solution, though we still wish a bit some-more fine-tuning will go into a pads on a circle before a automobile eventually hits showrooms.


But that’s unequivocally my biggest censure about a car. If we direct oppulance and can means a starting cost of $52,150 (the all-wheel-drive 4MATIC starts during $54,650), a E300 is a plain automobile with tons of tech that doesn’t get in a way. Though Mercedes is looking to a future, it hasn’t diluted a knowledge with bells and whistles. You still feel like you’re pushing a New England estate of cars. Except now a timber and leather are complemented with technology.

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/2016/06/18/mercedes-benz-e300-test-drive/