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Miami military officer achieved in racy movies


A Miami military officer is a theme of an inner review that includes allegations that she achieved in racy cinema while portion as a cop.

Local 10 News performed copies of some of a films featuring Officer Sabine Raymonvil, 30, an eight-year maestro of a Miami Police Department.

Among those she performs sex acts with in a clips is Emerson Callum, a pornographer who is now portion a life judgment in sovereign jail after being convicted of drugging and raping women who auditioned for his association in 2012.

Also convicted in that box was Callum’s partner and cameraman, Lavont Flanders, a former Miami Beach military officer. Callum had been charged with identical crimes in 2007, though he was not prosecuted.

Raymonvil refused to answer questions while on camera, though after telephoned a hire and pronounced that her work in porn films was finished before to her apropos a military officer.

“Right now there is a lot going on with this whole situation,” Raymonvil said. “It’s now underneath review by dual military agencies. So we can’t contend really much. I’m peaceful to pronounce with we after a investigations are closed. we never done porn while we was a military officer.”

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A source tighten to a review purported that Raymonvil seemed in a porn films good into her reign as a cop. Her amicable media postings uncover a lady who enjoys a bar life, sporting photos of Raymonvil with Snoop Dogg, football actor Daunte Culpepper, actor Idris Elba, actor Laz Alonso, Hollywood film executive John Singleton and Miami Commissioner Kion Hardemon, among others.

There are no approach manners ominous officers from enchanting in pornography, though it could tumble underneath other common military policies such as control unbecoming. In 2009, a Hollywood military officer named Mike Verdugo was dismissed after it was detected he’d seemed in a singular happy porn film 3 years before to his apropos a cop. The reason for that banishment was that he unsuccessful to divulge he done a film in his focus to turn an officer.

The Miami Police Department, citing an open investigation, refused to comment.

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