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Michael Cohen, Ex-Trump Lawyer, Asks US Judge for Leniency

The memo remarkable that Mr. Mueller’s bureau is approaching to yield a decider with an comment of Mr. Cohen’s cooperation, and that a Manhattan prosecutors are to join in presenting Mr. Cohen’s assistance as a cause for a decider to consider.

The memo disclosed that Mr. Cohen also had met willingly with investigators from a New York profession general’s bureau per a lawsuit it has brought opposite Mr. Trump and his foundation. Mr. Cohen also supposing a profession general’s bureau with papers concerning “a apart open inquiry,” a memo added, also charity no elaboration.

Threaded via a request were testimonials from people closest to Mr. Cohen — drawn from some 3 dozen letters that were also submitted — depicting an picture of munificence that undercuts a open perceptions of him given his guilty plea. The many absolute minute was from his 83-year-old father, Maurice Cohen, a Holocaust survivor, who wrote that his son is “the oxygen in a atmosphere that we breathe.”

“I urge and beg, desire and urge that we won’t take my oxygen divided from me,” a elder Mr. Cohen wrote.

One author after another told stories of Mr. Cohen’s generosity, and his involvement to assistance friends and acquaintances with problems like a ill child or business difficulties, with no expectancy of anything being finished for him in return.

The request provides a initial on-the-record glance of most of what has been reported to have taken place between Mr. Cohen and Mr. Trump in propinquity to arranging for payments done to dual women who claimed to have formerly had affairs with a candidate.

The memo refers to “Woman-1,” who appears to be Karen McDougal, a former Playboy indication who was paid by The National Enquirer for her story. The magazine, whose arch executive, David Pecker, is friends with Mr. Trump, afterwards buried a story. The memo mentions that “Client-1,” as Mr. Trump is described throughout, did not repay a house that done a payments to her, as he had concluded to.

Article source: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/01/nyregion/michael-cohen-leniency.html