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Mick Mulvaney once called Trump a ‘terrible tellurian being’

President Trump has named Mick Mulvaney, a executive of a Office of Management and Budget, as behaving White House arch of staff.

In response to a announcement, Mulvaney tweeted: “This is a extensive honor. we demeanour brazen to operative with a President and a whole team. It’s going to be a good 2019!”

However, in a 2016 video flush by a Daily Beast, Mulvaney called Trump a “terrible tellurian being,” only days before a presidential election.

“Yes, we am ancillary Donald Trump,” then-congressman Mulvaney said during a discuss in South Carolina. “I’m doing so as enthusiastically as we can given a fact that we consider he’s a terrible tellurian being. But a choice on a other side is only as bad.”

Trump finished a arch of staff proclamation around Twitter on Friday.

I am gratified to announce that Mick Mulvaney, Director of a Office of Management Budget, will be named Acting White House Chief of Staff, replacing General John Kelly, who has served a Country with distinction. Mick has finished an superb pursuit while in a Administration,” Trump wrote. “I demeanour brazen to operative with him in this new ability as we continue to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! John will be staying until a finish of a year. He is a GREAT PATRIOT and we wish to privately appreciate him for his service!”

Article source: https://www.aol.com/article/news/2018/12/15/mick-mulvaney-once-called-trump-a-terrible-human-being/23618963/