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Microsoft has a problem with Xbox that it can’t buy the approach out of

Microsoft’s Xbox organisation is in a uncanny place.

An estimated 30 to 50 million Xbox One consoles have been sold, putting Microsoft in a apart second place in a console foe behind Sony’s 70-plus million offered PlayStation 4 console. And Nintendo’s Switch console? It’s a exile success.

Super Mario Odyssey“Super Mario Odyssey” is usually accessible on a Nintendo Switch. Over 9.7 million copies were sole between a launch in Oct 2017 and a finish of a year.Nintendo

In underneath a year, Nintendo sole over 14 million Switch consoles — it’s a fastest-selling console in US history. Nintendo attributes this success essentially to one thing: A lot of unequivocally good games we can only play on a Switch.

“We were means to offer mixed strike titles early on for Nintendo Switch that offer as absolute drivers for hardware sales,” Nintendo boss Tatsumi Kimishima pronounced in a company’s latest financial presentation.

The Xbox One, by comparison, isn’t doing so great. On paper, it’s rival with or undisguised improved than a foe from Sony and Nintendo.

Starting during $200, a Xbox One is low in price, and tangled with good games, to boot. Even a lowest-end indication of Xbox One supports HDR, a high-end video record that creates games demeanour improved on TVs that support. It does all a set-top box like a Apple TV does, like let we watch Netflix — and it plays high-end blockbuster games. 

xbox one sThe Xbox One S, a entry-level model, retails for a cold $199.Florence Fu / Business Insider

In reality, though, it’s a console I’m slightest expected to advise to any would-be buyer. 

If we don’t possess any consoles, a PlayStation 4 has many of a same games, like a latest “Assassin’s Creed,” and a garland of good disdainful games, including a critically-acclaimed “Horizon Zero Dawn.”

Though a Nintendo Switch doesn’t have many third-party blockbusters like “Call of Duty,” it has a large corner in terms of exclusives — there’s no other approach to play a latest “Super Mario” games. That’s a pretty big advantage.

And if we already possess a PlayStation 4 or PC? There simply aren’t many vital Xbox disdainful games that make a Xbox One value owning.

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds“PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” is usually playable on Xbox One and PC, creation it a “console exclusive.”PUBG Corp.

So, what’s Microsoft going to do? That’s a large question.

Here are some ways they could go:

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