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Microsoft puts Windows Phone on hold

Well, now we know why Microsoft’s Windows Phone didn’t appear during Microsoft’s Build keynote on Wednesday: it simply isn’t on Microsoft’s radar shade during a moment.

The question, of course, is either it will ever be again.

“We’re going to do some cold things with phones, though this year phones are an critical partial of a family though not a tip of a spear,” Windows arch Terry Myerson told The Verge on Wednesday. 

Phones, Myerson added, “is a wrong place for us to lead.”

Why this matters: Myerson’s comments have to feel like a bit of a slap during those dedicated Lumia phone fans who have stranded with a company’s products by thick and thin. Those numbers are dwindling, however: holiday sales for Lumia devices plunged to about half that of a year prior, and by now, many everybody knows that Windows phones have about a one percent share of a worldwide smartphone market. Microsoft pronounced it would tighten a Lumia Voices Twitter account progressing this week.

At Microsoft, “devices” equal Surface, HoloLens

Instead, Myerson said, demeanour for Microsoft to combine a hardware engineering powers on inclination like a Surface as good as a HoloLens. And we can’t disagree with that; Microsoft began shipping a $3,000 HoloLens Development Edition on Wednesday, and those developers were lined adult to try it out as good as a special Destination: Mars app, designed by NASA and featuring wanderer Buzz Aldrin.

If there was anything else to reap from Myerson’s comments, it’s that he referred to a phone as a “4-inch” screen—the measure of a Apple iPhone SE, though comparatively smaller than a Lumia 950 and many other incomparable phones and “phablets”. Could Microsoft be meditative of a lapse to ultraportability in a phone market, replacing a incomparable screens with something like a HoloLens? It seems like a absurd idea, generally with a rumored Surface phone watchful in a wings. But with such a diminutive marketplace share, Microsoft might be meditative outward a box.

Article source: http://www.pcworld.com/article/3049945/windows-phone-os/microsoft-puts-windows-phone-on-hold.html


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