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Microsoft resumes rollout of Windows 10 chronicle 1809, promises peculiarity changes

Microsoft has resumed a rollout of Windows 10 chronicle 1809. The re-release of a supposed Oct 2018 Update comes some-more than 5 weeks after a association pulled a strange designation files from a download servers and stopped a scheduled delivery by Windows Update usually days after a initial entrance on Oct. 2.

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In a blog post, Microsoft’s John Cable, a executive of Program Management for Windows Servicing and Delivery, says a data-destroying bug that triggered that rare decision, as good as other peculiarity issues that emerged during a unscheduled hiatus, have been “thoroughly investigated and resolved.”

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This proclamation also includes a re-release of Windows Server 2019, that was influenced by a same issue. (That post by my ZDNet colleague Mary Jo Foley also includes a timeline of a peculiarity issues that influenced both a desktop and server editions of this Windows version.)

The initial step in a re-release is to revive a designation files to a Windows 10 Download page so that “seekers” (the Microsoft tenure for modernized users who go out of their proceed to implement a new Windows version) can use a ISO files to ascent PCs using comparison Windows 10 versions.

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The designation files will also be offering to blurb business for deployment by Windows Server Update Services and System Center Configuration Manager.

Don’t design to see this chronicle on Windows Update usually yet, however. You competence be offering a new recover if we manually check for updates, though a association says it skeleton a “slow, totalled release” that will error on a side of counsel before expanding a refurbish to a broader population.

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The re-release doesn’t change a vital build number, 17763, or a Oct 2018 Update name. The support time will get a restart, however, with Nov. 13, 2018 now a central commencement of a servicing timeline for a Semi-Annual Channel (“Targeted”) release.

For business using Enterprise and Education editions, that means this recover will be upheld under a new 30-month policy, until Apr 2021. PCs using Windows 10 Pro will be means to defer underline updates until one year after Microsoft declares this chronicle prepared for widespread business adoption, that will substantially occur someday in early 2019.


In a separate blog post, Windows Corporate Vice President Michael Fortin offering some context behind a new issues and announced changes to a proceed a association approaches communications and “the clarity around a process.”

The unenlightened post, billed as “first in a array of some-more in-depth explanations of a work we do to broach peculiarity in a Windows releases,” acknowledges a problems that come with a perfect distance and scale of a hardware ecosystem that Windows is during a heart of. The association had formerly announced that Windows 10 is using on 700 million monthly active devices; today’s post includes a additional fact that that ecosystem includes roughly 16 million “unique hardware/driver combinations.”

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As we remarkable earlier, Microsoft’s data-driven proceed focuses on a telemetry information it receives around any Windows 10 installation. Fortin confirms that regard about a company’s information dashboards: “We obsess over these metrics as we essay to urge product quality, comparing stream peculiarity levels opposite a accumulation of metrics to chronological trends and digging into any anomaly.”

The problem, as a many new occurrence painfully illustrated, is that even as altogether peculiarity has improved, low-volume, high-impact bugs managed to hedge detection. And nonetheless a array of people influenced by a Known Folder Redirection bug was usually in a hundreds, a impact on a open notice of Windows peculiarity was devastating.

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As a October 2018 Update starts a delayed rollout, a subsequent recover of Windows 10, code-named 19H1, is good underneath way. Changes that Microsoft has done to a feedback routine are dictated to assistance make it easier to mark high-impact bugs before they strech a public, though usually time will tell if those changes are enough.

Fortin’s post also includes a endless reason of Microsoft’s contrast policy, in response to critics who contend that vital changes in a contrast routine enervated Windows quality:

Windows 10 noted a change in how we develop, broach and refurbish Windows: What we call “Windows as a Service.” We shifted a shortcoming for bottom organic contrast to a growth teams in sequence to broach aloft peculiarity formula from a start. We also altered a concentration of a teams that still news to me who are obliged for finish to finish validation, and combined a essentially new capability to a proceed to quality: The use of information and feedback to improved know and greatly concentration on a practice a business were carrying with a products opposite a spectrum of real-world hardware and program combinations.


We occupy a far-reaching accumulation of programmed contrast processes as we rise features, permitting us to detect and scold issues quickly. We are frequently looking to residence gaps in tests and mostly find them formed on a inner practice and issues we note with a insiders. This apartment of programmed tests grows over time. The many elemental of these tests contingency pass for facilities and formula to “integrate up” into a categorical Windows build that will eventually boat to customers. In a destiny blog we’ll fact a endless contrast we do in-house, though it is protected to contend that contrast is a pivotal partial of delivering Windows.

It didn’t assistance that last week’s activation bug, that caused some Windows 10 users to unexpected seem to remove their paid-for licenses, occurred in a midst of a apart predicament over chronicle 1809. Although that emanate was resolved quickly, it illustrated a need for improved communication, and Microsoft now says it is operative on a Windows Update standing dashboard that will concede it to promulgate issues a proceed it does with a Azure and Office 365 customers.

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Meanwhile, a large doubt for anyone using Windows 10 is either it’s protected to download a Oct 2018 Update. It’s tough to censure anyone for being skeptical, though it’s also a fact that this release, that is now using on usually bashful of six million PCs, is undoubtedly a many heavily tested in a brief story of Windows 10.

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