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Microsoft Teams launches to take on Slack in a workplace

At an eventuality in New York City today, Microsoft strictly launched a Microsoft Teams aspirant to Slack. The announcement, by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, comes only mins after Slack published a warning letter to a module hulk about competing with it. Microsoft is rising its Teams module as a service that ties into a existent Office 365 subscriptions. In a video demonstrating Microsoft Teams, a module builder describes a use as a chat-based workspace that’s focused on real-time collaboration.

“Microsoft teams will move together chat, meeting, notes, Office, Planner, PowerBI, and a horde of extensions and applications to assistance teams get work done,” explains Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. It looks a lot like Slack, and functions in identical ways with threaded determined chats that can be open or private 1:1 sessions. It also includes a familiar-looking sidebar with meetings, files, chat, and activity notifications. The review perspective includes a ability to dump meetings true into chat, alongside files, notes, and plan boards.

Microsoft Teams is deeply integrated into Skype and Office

Microsoft is, of course, integrating Teams deeply into Office and Skype. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote are all built-into Microsoft Teams, alongside meetings with Skype for Business. For businesses truly vital in a Microsoft world, there’s also formation with SharePoint, Power BI, and Planner. Just like Slack, we can hunt opposite people, files, and chats, and Microsoft is regulating a Exchange formation to yield notifications.

The genuine pivotal is how Microsoft will extend Teams over only Microsoft services. Slack has finished a good pursuit of integrating a operation of third-party services, and it looks like Microsoft has identical plans. You can emanate tabs that confederate with other cloud services, alongside tailored channels and even tradition memes via chats. Microsoft is also creation Teams extensible with open APIs and a possess bot framework.

Microsoft demonstrated Twitter integrations during a event, where we can pull messages from sold Twitter accounts into plead rooms, alongside a ability to emanate discerning polls, or share tradition meme images. One of a some-more engaging facilities is Microsoft’s Skype integration, and a ability for plead room members to dump in and out of determined video calls to accumulate for projects or a discerning chat.

Microsoft Teams preview today, full launch early subsequent year

Microsoft is permitting Office 365 business preview a Microsoft Teams use today, in 181 countries and 18 languages. Microsoft skeleton to embody Microsoft Teams in all Office 365 Business and Enterprise suites, with ubiquitous accessibility slated for early 2017. Microsoft is also opening a developer preview module today, with 150 integrations approaching during launch early subsequent year, alongside 70 connectors and 85 bots.

It’s no warn that Slack is disturbed about Microsoft Teams. The module builder has 85 million active Office 365 blurb customers, and Microsoft is providing a plead module as partial of that existent subscription. Slack has seen considerable expansion with 4 million daily active users, though it hasn’t managed to mangle into all of a large companies that are dominated by Microsoft’s capability tools. Slack is used by 28 out of Fortune 100 companies, and some pivotal business embody IBM, eBay, EA, Pinterest, TIME, and LinkedIn. Microsoft’s Team module will offer those who live in a Microsoft world, though Slack will still have a advantage of reaching rising startups, tiny businesses, and other businesses that don’t rest on Windows or Office. Microsoft didn’t plead how it skeleton to residence that partial of a market, though it’s a pivotal territory that has authorised Slack to grow and thrive.

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