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Microsoft tests underwater information center

Companies are anticipating some of a oddest locations for information centers these days.

Facebook, for example, built a information core in Lulea in Sweden since a icy cold temperatures there would help cut a appetite compulsory for cooling. A due Facebook information core in Clonee, Ireland, will rest heavily on breeze appetite locally available. Google’s information core in Hamina in Finland uses sea water from a Bay of Finland for cooling.

Now, Microsoft is looking during locating information centers underneath a sea.

The association is contrast underwater information centers with an eye to shortening information latency for a many users who live tighten to a sea and also to capacitate fast deployment of a information center.

Microsoft, that has designed, built, and deployed a possess subsea information core in a ocean, in a duration of about a year, started operative on a plan in late 2014, a year after Microsoft employee, Sean James, who served on a US Navy submarine, submitted a paper on a concept.

An antecedent vessel, named as a Leona Philpot after an Xbox diversion character, operated on a seafloor about 1 kilometer from a Pacific seashore of a U.S. from Aug to Nov 2015, according to a Microsoft page on a project.

The subsea information core experiment, called Project Natick after a city in Massachusetts, is now during a investigate theatre and Microsoft warns it is “still early days” to weigh either a judgment could be adopted by a association and other cloud use providers.

“Project Natick reflects Microsoft’s ongoing query for cloud datacenter solutions that offer fast provisioning, reduce costs, high responsiveness, and are some-more environmentally sustainable,” a association said.

Article source: http://www.pcworld.com/article/3028046/microsoft-tests-underwater-data-center.html