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Microsoft’s new PR idiocy: New PC can usually use Windows 10 (not 7 nor 8.1)

Microsoft done this absurd “clarification” to a Windows support policy. With no notice, comparison versions of Windows remove support on a latest PC hardware.

Yep, that’s right: Now we can’t hillside to Windows 7 or 8.1 on Skylake CPUs (or later). There’s a woolly, singular get-out-of-jail-free label for a brief while, though this is usually a latest ridiculous Microsoft intrigue to get we onto Windows 10.

The approach it’s always been in a past is that enterprises could buy today’s hardware, though put their stream picture on it, usually upgrading when it done sense. But with this move, Microsoft changes everything—and with precisely zero warning.

I’d be screaming during my MS repute if we were an IT manager. What on earth was Terry Myerson thinking? we envision another “clarification” soon, undoing this PR nightmare.

How does Beardyman do that?…

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What’s a craic? Ed Bott reports—Microsoft updates support policy: New CPUs will need Windows 10:

In a change to a longstanding support policy, Microsoft says PCs shaped on new CPU[s] will need Windows 10.

Historically…Microsoft’s support lifecycle [offered] a inexhaustible 10 years of support for any Windows release. Effective today, that process is changing.

In a array of “clarifications”…the association announced that support for…Windows [7 and 8.1] will be accessible usually for “previous generations of silicon.”

New consumer-based Skylake inclination contingency run Windows 10. [But] Microsoft will tell “a list of specific new Skylake inclination we will support to run Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.” [But only] for 18 months.

Get that? Dante D’Orazio feeds a fire—Microsoft says new processors will usually work with Windows 10: