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Militants Kill Egyptian Security Forces in Devastating Ambush

Officials pronounced that Friday’s conflict occurred in a late dusk when a troops convoy, led by comparison counterterrorism officers and including armored vehicles, incited off a categorical highway south of Cairo and gathering 11 miles into a desert.

After a ambush, a militants went by a infirm vehicles, seizing weapons and executing survivors, pronounced an Egyptian official, who insisted on vocalization anonymously in sequence to yield supportive information. He supposing audio recordings of conversations between dual troops officers who had radioed their domicile for assistance as they fled for safety.

“The guys are behind us, chasing us in their cars,” one officer can be listened saying. He described being mislaid in a dried in a usually car that transient a troops of gunfire. He was roving with dual others, one of whom was wounded.

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“They took all a weapons and ammunition. We are stealing underneath a mountain,” pronounced a second officer, stuttering as he spoke.

The Associated Press, citing confidence officials, pronounced a passed enclosed 34 conscripts as good as dual troops brigadier generals, a colonel and 10 major colonels. Early indications were that a troops had been lured into a waylay by fake or deficient intelligence, officials said.

Egypt has struggled to relieve surging belligerent assault given 2013, when a troops suspended Mohamed Morsi, a Islamist president. Most of a assault has been strong in Sinai, where an associate of a Islamic State is battling a Egyptian military. In a past year, Islamic State militants have widened their debate to embody attacks on Christian churches, homes and pilgrims opposite Egypt.

Although a structure stays hazy, experts trust Hasm is led by Muslim Brotherhood members who, hurt by Mr. Sisi’s oppressive crackdown given 2013, have deserted a movement’s process of nonviolence. The organisation claimed responsibility for an blast outward a Myanmar Embassy in Cairo on Sept. 30, that killed no one though seemed to vigilance a group’s flourishing ambitions.

But a scale and sophistication of a waylay on Friday gimlet a hallmarks of some-more gifted and heavily armed militants, and some experts cautioned that a Hasm matter of shortcoming competence be a fabrication.

“Hasm doesn’t work in that area and they are not able of this kind of operation,” pronounced Ahmed Kamel El-Beheiri, a confidence researcher during a state-run Al Ahram Center for Strategic Studies. “Until now they have usually been able of regulating tiny arms and softened explosives devices. They don’t have a numbers, a training or a weapons for this.”


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A some-more expected scenario, Mr. Beheiri said, was that a Islamic State was obliged for a attack.

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Article source: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/21/world/middleeast/egypt-ambush-hasm.html