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Model Winnie Harlow Breaks Down Her ‘Lemonade’ Looks, Recalls Swapping Shoes With Beyonce

“Anything for Beyonce.” That was model Winnie Harlow’s mantra final December when Bey’s group invited her to work on a icon’s Lemonade project, that finished a HBO entrance on Saturday night.

The 21-year-old Toronto beauty, né Chantelle Brown-Young — whose rare vitiligo skin condition has dumbfounded in campaigns for Diesel and Spanish code Desigual — slipped into several numbers for a production, that enclosed an African-inspired orange and teal number (as seen in a section patrician “Resurrection” set to a sounds of Beyonce and James Blake’s romantic duet “Forward”) as good as a soothing white, billowy number that she sashays in for “Freedom.”

Forever Grateful —

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In a delay of Billboard‘s review with Harlow, a indication breaks down her looks in Lemonade and shares a humorous story about a time she substituted boots with Beyonce. 

Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’: Model Winnie Harlow Explains a On-Set Ambience During ‘Freedom’

On her “Resurrection” dress

So celebrated to have worked with we and to be concurred by we @beyonce. This print is dear to me given this is a print of my good grandfather. I’m unequivocally sanctified to know about my benefaction and destiny sometimes, though I’m even some-more sanctified to have trust about my past ❤️✊–

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It was an African-inspired outfit. [The character team] chose that one privately for me. we don’t know given though it was so epic. It was so sick. They brought that one to my trailer and we was like, ‘Bring it on.’ I have no thought who designed [the pieces we wore]. we didn’t demeanour during a tags though they wanted something unequivocally graceful. 

On her skin slight for “Lemonade” 
I used a lot of my possess makeup products in a video only given a moody [from L.A. to New Orleans] wasn’t that long. It was a makeup I’d wear on a flight. There wasn’t any mascara though we put concealer on light or dim marks, some mouth gloss, and we had grown my eyebrows and came to set like that. we walked into makeup and a artist was like, “Oh, we demeanour perfect. I’m just gonna add a small bit of heat to supplement a small healthy heat and change a mouth shimmer to a lighter [one] that’s gonna match your lips a small some-more and you’re flattering many done.” 

I would advise exfoliating and moisturizing, which we unequivocally trust in, only to get that dewy uninformed look. we frequency use substructure unless I’m trying to get a kick face [Ed.: “Beat face” refers to ideally finished makeup.] but on a day to day [basis], we won’t wear makeup. If I’m gonna go outward and get some stuff, I’ll put concealer on a smallest things and mix it unequivocally well. we also suggest removing Color Mash for concealers and foundations ’cause we can’t unequivocally scold a wrong substructure or wrong concealer. Mascara is a girl’s best crony so if we like to wear mascara, that’s cold as good though we feel like reduction is some-more with that look.

On braided ‘do
[The hair styling team] actually only braided my hair in dual pigtails and braided a pigtails and wrapped them over a front of my conduct to emanate that crown.

@iamquvenzhane is now my honourary small sister ——

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On that time Beyonce used her shoes

I had heels on many of a time while we was filming and I took my shoes, which were fundamentally some brownish-red fight boots with a corpulent heel from Guess by Marciano, on set. we adore them. They’re my favorite boots and go with everything. We were all only station around, waiting for Beyonce and her dancers to finish filming a scene.

We were all only unresolved out for a time being. One of a producers ran out, fundamentally in a panic, looking for someone or something and kept asking, “Where’s a stylist? Where’s a stylist? Where’s a stylist?” And everybody started looking around like, “I don’t know. We only got here. We have no clue.” [The producer] looked during me and down during my boots and he’s like, “Where did we get those shoes?” And we was like, “Uh, from me?” He’s like, “No, that stylist gave we those shoes?” [I’m like], “No stylist gave them to me. They’re mine. we brought them. They go to me. we possess them.” He started to travel divided then looked behind during me. I asked, “Why do you wanna know?” He said, “Well, they’re perplexing to finish this stage and Bey doesn’t have any shoes. Your boots demeanour accurately like all a dancer’s shoes.”

I consider a dancers were wearing black fight heel boots and cave were brownish-red so we theory that would be excellent given [Beyonce] would be a one to mount out any way. He was like, “Can we… we know…” And we was like, “Oh, god. Please. Can we get them back? They’re my favorite shoes.” And he was like, “Yes.” Dropped down to his knees, unzipped me out of my boots and ran with them. we was only here station in my socks, like, “Okay, cold no biggie.” 

So now I’m barefoot on set, station there in front of [Beyonce’s mom] Miss Tina and looking during her, like, this is kind of awkward. [Laughs] I had my outfits [for a shoot] so we only switched to a heels that were supposed to go with them. Hours had passed now and they finished jacket that stage and we had not gotten my boots back. So I start removing a garland of assistants. Stylists came up to me, asking, “Can we greatfully buy your boots off of you? Can we reinstate them?” And I’m like, “Girl, listen.” 

Beyonce Slays in Roberto Cavalli in ‘Lemonade’ HBO Special

The thesis of my whole outing has been “anything for Beyonce,” like removing on a moody but I desired those shoes. Not that they’re like super costly or anything though they go with each outfit. At one point, given her personal partner and we had gotten so close, she came to me and was like, “Listen, we’ll do anything right now for continuity. Please.” So we was like, “Ok, I’m gonna keep rolling with a “anything for Beyonce” [attitude] though if we can, can we greatfully try to get those boots behind to me? we know it’s gonna be a whirlwind though if we can reason onto those boots and mail them behind to me.’ She was like, “I’ll try my best.” 

When we get behind to my trailer, there was a code new span of obvious leather Sergio Rossi [boots]. we couldn’t be insane during that trade-off. She traded in her boots for mine. we went online and found my [Guess by Marciano] shoes any approach so we still got to buy mine back plus a shoe that’s 10 times some-more costly than mine. It’s really a win-win.

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