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Monday’s Three Things To Know: Kansas won a title, Duke mislaid a game, Bamba didn’t play

Southeastern Louisiana comparison ensure Jabbar Singleton is among 3 group who were arrested on Monday in tie with a sharpened that occurred on campus on Feb. 23.

According to a news from Laura McKnight of a Times-Picayune, Singleton is indicted of bootleg liberate of a firearm and carrying a firearm while on propagandize property. Singleton’s name and mugshot were expelled by the Tangipahoa Sheriff’s Office, along with dual other men, Hebert Joseph Jr., and Jacoby Senegal. Singleton’s bond was set during $85,000.

Both Joseph Jr. and Senegal face two depends any of attempted second-degree murder. The dual group are also indicted of carrying a firearm on propagandize property. Senegal is additionally indicted of possession of a stolen firearm. Bond for Joseph is set during $175,000 while Senegal’s bond is $225,000. The 3 group are indicted of injuring dual student-athletes in a sharpened as propagandize officials described a injuries as not life-threatening.

While Singleton was arrested Monday and dangling indefinitely from a men’s basketball program, according to propagandize Athletic Director Jay Artigues, a comparison played for Southeastern Louisiana on Saturday as a Lions extended a six-game winning streak.

That diversion was also important for Southeastern Louisiana since teammate, and associate senior, James Currington missed a competition for a Lions after he was shot late final week.

It’s misleading if a dual shootings are a same, or connected, in any approach during this point,  though Southeastern Louisiana conduct manager Jay Ladner commented about Currington’s standing when The Lion’s Roar, a Southeastern Louisiana tyro newspaper, asked about his status.

“One, it’s only a terribly comfortless conditions for all involved, and there are some immature group who have done some really bad choices that are going to impact them for a rest of their lives,” Ladner pronounced in a story. “It altered a group in a clarity that one of a players is out and perceived a gunshot wound, and this is something that is a problem all over a country, and how people are settling disputes with guns and they finish adult creation mistakes.”

There is no timeframe for Currington’s recovery. Southeastern Louisiana is now second place in a Southland right now and a hazard to win a joining pretension and get to a NCAA tournament.

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