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Navalny Launches New Lawsuit Against Russian Prosecutor General

Russian antithesis personality and head of the Anti-Corruption Foundation Alexei Navalny skeleton to file another lawsuit opposite Russia’s Prosecutor General Yury Chaika, with opposition-leaning Novaya Gazeta journal behaving as Chaika’s “technical co-defendant.”

“This time we are going to the Basmanny [district] court, that has not processed the lawsuits before,” Navalny wrote in his blog on Monday.

This lawsuit is one of many attempts that Navalny has done to sue Chaika for defamation. Several Moscow courts refused to register his progressing lawsuits, giving several reasons for their refusals.

In December 2015 Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation expelled “Chaika,” an investigative film that indicted Chaika’s family members, including his dual sons, of being concerned in shady business deals and various bootleg activities.

Two weeks after Chaika claimed that British-American financier Bill Browder and the U.S. tip services were behind the film and claimed Navalny “played a humble purpose in this story” in a minute to the Kommersant newspaper.

After 3 Moscow courts declined to process Navalny’s suits, he attempted to sue the media outlets that had published Chaika’s letter — the Kommersant and Vedomosti newspapers, the Ekho Moskvy radio station, the Slon news website, the RBC news group and the Dozhd TV channel — along with Chaika, in order to have the suits processed by courts.

However, the courts also refused to process these suits, claiming that “interests of A. Navalny were not affected,” he wrote in the blog on Monday. This lawsuit will embody the results of a full linguistic hearing of Chaika’s minute to Kommersant.

“[We] had systematic a proper hearing [of Chaika’s letter] that proves that when the Prosecutor General talks about ‘A. Navalny,’ the interests of A. Navalny are affected,” Navalny wrote.

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