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NBA Christmas 2015, Bulls vs. Thunder results: 3 things we schooled from …

The initial matchup between a Bulls and a Thunder went down to a handle before a Bulls claimed a win behind a illusory fourth-quarter opening from Derrick Rose. Chicago done certain things didn’t get to that indicate in a Christmas rematch in Oklahoma City. They tranquil a diversion from start to finish, never trailing and heading by as many as 18 points during one indicate en track to a 105-96 victory.

Kevin Durant led all scorers with 29 points and Russell Westbrook pitched in 26 of his own, though it wasn’t adequate to overcome a offset conflict by a Bulls, who had 4 players in double digits.

The Bulls started a diversion improved and total subdivision early. They took advantage of a corner they had inside, as Pau Gasol and Taj Gibson total for 20 of Chicago’s 36 first-quarter points. The Thunder, meanwhile, had difficulty scoring. They got some good looks, though missed them and had to rest on Kevin Durant to keep them in a game.

Russell Westbrook upped his aggressiveness in a second quarter, for improved and for worse. He went 3-of-8 in a support and incited a round over twice, though set adult Durant, who continued to be a one Thunder actor a Bulls couldn’t stop. Durant finished a half with 19 points and 3 assists. With Chicago’s offense descending behind to earth, his efforts were adequate to have Oklahoma City to route by usually dual points after descending behind by as many as 14.

All a bid a Thunder done to erase that early necessity went to rubbish on a third quarter. The Bulls went on a Rose-fueled 8-0 run and took control of a game. Chicago got what it wanted inside, outscoring Oklahoma City 22-6 in a paint during a period. On a other end, they hold a Thunder 16 points on 24 percent from a field, as Durant finally went cold. It was tighten to a ideal entertain for a Bulls, that seemed on their approach to an peculiarity win on a road.

The Thunder didn’t go down though a fight. Durant and Westbrook led a way, as Oklahoma City chipped divided during a Bulls’ lead. They tightened adult on invulnerability and took advantage of a widen in that Rose and Gibson were resting to make it a diversion late. They got as tighten as 6 with usually underneath 4 mins to go, though eventually couldn’t finish a comeback.

After 3 true losses, a Bulls done a matter by holding clever and holding down one of a best teams in a joining on a road.

3 other things we learned

Kevin Durant’s MVP-like opening is drifting underneath a radar

With Stephen Curry looking like a close to win MVP, a lot of good performances are going unnoticed. Former joining MVP Kevin Durant is one of a players that hasn’t gotten a courtesy he deserves, though he reminded everybody on Friday that he’s still one of a best players in a world. Durant finished with 29 points, 9 rebounds and 7 assists and carried a Thunder for many of a game.

Durant came into Christmas averaging 26 points and 8 rebounds, while sharpened over 50 percent from a margin and over 40 percent from over a arc. After pang career-threatening feet injuries, it’s good to see him behind to luminary level.

The Bulls can still put it all together

The Bulls were on a three-game losing strain and faced debate when star Jimmy Butler called out his manager for not holding everybody accountable. The subsequent diversion after those statements, they mislaid to a squalid Nets usually as Fred Hoiberg motionless to change a starting lineup. Things were not looking good for Chicago’s chances of flourishing into a legitimate contender.

But a win opposite a Thunder shows that talent is a many critical square of a nonplus for any team, and a Bulls have copiousness of it. Rose played well, Butler showed his two-way value and a large group revolution was a outrageous item it’s ostensible to be, even though Joakim Noah. With rookie Bobby Portis looking prepared to minister and Mike Dunleavy Jr. on his approach behind from injury, a Bulls could be a critical hazard to a Cavaliers. They usually need to stop a in-fighting and figure out a right rotations.

The Thunder’s offense still lacks round movement

Billy Donovan was hired in partial since his prototype Scott Brooks had never been means to implement an offense that didn’t rest totally on Durant and Westbrook. So far, Donovan hasn’t figured out how to do that possibly and it doesn’t demeanour like he will anytime soon. Against a Bulls, usually 20 out of 37 margin goals were assisted, and Westbrook and Durant accounted for 15 of those dimes.

The Thunder normal a lowest volume of passes in a joining and arrange in a bottom 10 in delegate assists, per SportVU data. That means that unless a stars emanate open looks, no one gets them. It’s distinct to wish to put a round in a hands of superstars, though a Thunder will need to variegate their conflict to maximize a descent talent in a roster.

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