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NBA MVP race: 17 questions to assistance settle Westbrook, Harden, LeBron, Kawhi debate

The MVP competition this deteriorate is set to be one of a closest in joining history. Most are awaiting a apart ballot, with 4 pivotal names carrying emerged: Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Kawhi Leonard and long-lived contender LeBron James. Each have unusual cases, and to be clear, they’re all estimable of winning MVP. But one man is going to win. 

There’s a lot some-more to speak about when we ask a doubt of who a MVP is, and also, who’s going to win a vote, and those are apart issues. But if we wish to have your choice for MVP, we need to have unequivocally suspicion about it. These players merit your full deliberation, if you’re a voter or usually a fan, and we need to be means to urge your decision. 

We’re here to help. 

Here are 17 questions about a 2016-17 NBA MVP competition before we make your decision. 

1. How do we conclude valuable?

This, of course, is a unequivocally initial doubt we need to decipher, given it’s a executive doubt that follows everything. But it’s not as elementary as people make it out to be. Let’s start here: Do not be confused into desiring that a joining has a clarification of that word. The tenure is purposefully obscure and is not tangible anywhere in any central document. Every voter is means to establish what that means. So you’re not gratified to “how many softened he creates his team,” or “how bad his group would be nonetheless him.” That’s one interpretation, and if that’s where we build your evidence from, that’s fine. But usually know you’re not gratified to it. 

Here’s a sampling of ways that installed word, “valuable,” gets interpreted. 

  • The group would be in a dumps nonetheless him.
  • He’s what creates his group great.
  • Individual excellence, a elementary “best player.” 
  • Most impactful (I’m prejudiced to this interpretation).
  • Superior statistical production.
  • Intangible “helps his group win a most” factor.

All of these ways have been used to conclude that word, and it has influenced votes by a years. You have to have that framework. But really, regulating one clarification is almost flawed. If we usually perspective this question, or any question, by one prism, you’re going to skip a good deal. The existence is that all of these opposite ways of defining value are injured in their possess ways, and current in their possess ways. 

Basically, this whole thing is complicated, even if we figure out what we cruise value is. 

2. How many does offense-defense change matter?

Kawhi Leonard is a best defender out of any MVP contender.

We’ll get into a specifics of usually how good or bad a 4 possibilities are defensively later, nonetheless one thing that’s not a tip is that Leonard is a best of a garland on that end. Westbrook and Harden are apparently offensive-centric players. But Leonard is balanced, chosen defensively and scarcely as good offensively. 

Think of it this way. 

Imagine we decider a actor in offense and invulnerability on a 1-5 scale, with 1 being a misfortune and 5 being elite. Is it softened to be a “5” on offense and a “3” on defense, or a “4” on offense and a “4” on defense? 

Those are both “8” scores. So that is better? Now, we can disagree that we cruise Leonard is a 5 on both sides, or that Harden is a 2 on defense, or that LeBron is a 5 on offense and a 4 on defense, nonetheless we still have to figure out if that matters.

One some-more thing to cruise when we speak about this: If we speak to players about a good players in a game, they tend to prove to descent players. And not usually a fit ones, nonetheless guys that are what we competence call “volume” scorers. Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, these guys are worshiped by players. So when we have a man putting adult ancestral descent numbers, that’s going to lift weight. Why? Why is that some-more critical than defense? I’m not observant we should disagree either it should or not, that’s a apart conversation. But we need to know where we mount on descent prolongation being a trump label over defense. 

3. How many wins does a candidate’s group have to have?

No MVP given 1985 has won a endowment on a group reduce than a 3rd seed. Think about that. Wins trump everything. Now, we’re not looking during who will win a endowment formed on a electorate currently (and it should be remarkable a voting confederation has altered almost in a past 10 years). But it does uncover a customary in place we need to consider. 

Now, group wins are not tied to how good a actor is. Anthony Davis is still overwhelming notwithstanding a Pelicans being bad. But no one’s severely deliberation Davis for MVP, and that’s since his group is irrelevant. Does that matter to you? Do we cruise a actor is obliged for his team’s record? One of a common veins of suspicion is that a actor is not usually obliged for his team’s record, nonetheless if he’s not means to lift them adult to a certain threshold, that’s a hit on him. However, what’s that threshold? If Westbrook pulls his group to 49 wins, how does that review with Leonard’s Spurs carrying 60? 

We’ll speak about impact on that group next, nonetheless initial we have to kind of set a threshold. If that’s “zero, his particular play should matter many and only,” that’s a current truth to take, nonetheless we still have to answer this question. What’s a array a player’s group has to get to for him to qualify? 

4. Is it some-more critical how many softened a actor creates his teammates, or how good he creates his team?

Net points per 100 security for a group while actor is on/off a floor:

On a surface, this ends a review right there. Westbrook has a larger impact when on a building than Harden does. But demeanour during a tender numbers. Harden’s group is softened than Westbrook’s when we demeanour during when both are on a floor. You can disagree that a Rockets are approach softened than a Thunder, and that’s fine. But we still have to figure out what’s some-more critical — creation a bad group good, or creation a good group great.

The evidence for Harden is that his group is softened when he’s on a building than Westbrook’s group is when he’s on a floor. The evidence for Westbrook is that nonetheless Westbrook, a Thunder are a disaster and he creates them “pretty good.” 

It’s a fascinating debate, even if we take a numbers out of it. The Spurs are softened than a Cavaliers, during slightest in terms of regular-season wins and performance. But nonetheless James, a Cavs are flattering pathetic, while a Spurs sojourn a flattering good group when Leonard is on a bench. What’s some-more important? 

5. What, really, is a value of a triple-double?

Thunder ensure Russell Westbrook is on a triple-double tear.

So Westbrook is on gait to do something that has usually been finished once in NBA story — normal a triple-double for a full season. He also has a possibility during violation a single-season record for triple-doubles. The triple-double has always been a worshiped mark. It’s ostensible to prove a unequivocally apex of a versatile performance. Double digits in 3 apart categories is usually tough to do, even if players are creation it seem normal this season. 

However, there is a flattering simple doubt to be asked: What unequivocally creates it great? To put it another way: What creates a 15-10-10 opening that many softened than a  20-9-9? 

Or, in petrify terms this season, is a dual additional rebounds that Westbrook hauls in compared to Harden adequate to unequivocally apart him when Harden averages some-more assists? Westbrook averages some-more rebounds and points than Harden, nonetheless does so during a reduce efficiency, and there’s a lot of speak about a high commission of uncontested rebounds that Westbrook collects. Harden averages 29-8-11. Are those dual rebounds adequate to unequivocally pass Westbrook, usually since we like nice, spin numbers? 

6. What impact does manager and complement have?

Or, a Popovich conundrum. Look, a Spurs players are excellent, all a approach down. They’re talented, athletic, glorious basketball players who always make a right decision. But given their chronological prevalence and a approach their complement is designed, it does feed into a perception, during least, that we or we competence be means to normal 5 points on a Spurs. That’s an deceit and ridiculous, of course, nonetheless Kawhi Leonard plays for a many successful NBA manager of all time, in terms of postulated regular-season opening over an 18-year span.

Meanwhile, James is a system in Cleveland. How does that compare? 

Harden plays for Mike D’Antoni, who is effectively a steroid boost for prove ensure numbers. Steve Nash was not Steve Nash, really, until he played for D’Antoni, notwithstanding a good career in Dallas. The gait and character that D’Antoni uses enables a kind of prolongation that Harden has put up. Westbrook, on a other hand, plays for Billy Donovan, who is still anticipating his balance as an NBA coach, and has not had a group put adult a inclusive descent season. Does Westbrook get some-more credit for putting adult his numbers in a unaccompanied descent system?

Can we unequivocally decider how good an descent complement is, over a context of players?

7. If we know one actor is a best actor in a sport, how many does that impact things?

The LeBron Corollary. If we asked we who a best actor in a NBA is, not who has had a best season, and you’re not a fan of any one team/player, a many common answer is James. If we know that James is a best actor in a NBA, what does a rest of this matter? Stats, group wins, all of this is secondary. James has good adequate stats, a good adequate record and is a best player. Is that enough?

(I don’t cruise so, we cruise a endowment is formed on who has had a best season, not who a best actor is. Being means to do something and doing something is different. But it’s something we have to consider.) 

8. How many some-more gifted is one candidate’s group vs. another?

Yes, James has Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. But J.R. Smith went from being a career punchline to a fourth-best actor on that team, Tristan Thompson is still usually a large physique with prolonged arms and good instincts and Richard freaking Jefferson is a pivotal revolution actor on this team. 

Leonard plays subsequent to near-fossil Pau Gasol half a time. His prove guard, Tony Parker, is a bombard of his former self, nonetheless still an overwhelming shell. Dewayne Dedmon is his best defensive cohort. 

Harden plays subsequent to Eric Gordon and Ryan Anderson, so a hit goes that he has some-more help. But both of those guys were on an underachieving Pelicans group for years and were deliberate low-impact players. Their softened health unequivocally matters, nonetheless a rest of this Rockets group was a fun final season. D’Antoni plays a partial here, nonetheless Harden also lifted his game. 

Westbrook mislaid Kevin Durant. But he still has a group that finished a discussion finals, and that wasn’t all Westbrook and Durant. On a other hand, there’s no genuine star or hazard we can prove to, nonetheless a Thunder are a sixth seed in a West. 

To be honest, I’m not a fan of regulating this criteria. It’s mostly used as a approach to disprove good performances and forgive potency issues. “Sure, Harden’s putting adult good numbers. Look during his team!” Or, “Of march a Thunder offense is bad! Look during who his teammates are!” But it’s something value considering. 

9. If a actor is a dilettante in one area, and a team’s stats don’t simulate that impact, what does that say?

Westbrook is an descent whirlwind, right? So since is Oklahoma City 19th in descent efficiency? The offense is bad. The Thunder win games since they have a 11th-best invulnerability in a NBA. And while Westbrook has moments and stretches of good defense, that’s not his contribution. So if he’s good since of his offense, nonetheless a Thunder don’t win since of their offense, afterwards what are we articulate about here? 

You can afterwards spin to a review about teammates and how, nonetheless Westbrook, a Thunder offense is a blazing array of garbage, nonetheless we can’t unequivocally get past a fact that even when Westbrook is on a floor, his 107.9 descent rating is 6 points worse than Harden’s, 5 points worse than Leonard’s and 7 points worse than James’. 

It’s not usually Westbrook that this relates to, though. 

In December,
I looked during a obscure state of Kawhi Leonard’s defensive impact
, and a fact that a Spurs’ defensive rating was a tip when he was on a court. Since then, Leonard’s particular numbers have softened dramatically, nonetheless Leonard still has a tip defensive rating on a team, and a group is approach softened defensively when he’s on a bench. So if Leonard’s large pull in this review is that he’s a usually actor who has been good on both ends, afterwards since is it that a Spurs don’t seem to unequivocally advantage from his defensive play, statistically? You can chuck out a numbers if we want, nonetheless even if we take it anecdotally, we breeze adult with this: Do we cruise a Spurs would be anything reduction than good defensively nonetheless Leonard? 

Meanwhile, nonetheless James, a Cavs’ invulnerability is 4 points per 100 security worse. So clearly he creates a large impact, right? Except that James’ on-court defensive rating is still an deplorable 106. Harden’s is 106.4. We know James is a many softened defender than Harden, nonetheless a stats don’t uncover him carrying that many of an impact on that finish of a floor. He creates a bad Cavs invulnerability better, nonetheless afterwards we’re behind to that doubt above. 

Either way, we have to cruise what a tangible impact of a player’s importance on one finish of a building or a other is. 

10. Do we cruise of potency as tying squandered possessions, or prolongation per minute?

The hit on Westbrook, above all else (even group wins), is that he’s not efficient. He’s sharpened 42 percent from a field, 33 percent from 3-point range. He’s second in turnovers (to Harden, who’s some-more fit as a shooter). That, in many people’s minds, invalidates him from a conversation, formed on difficult required importance on efficiency’s value. 

Except … Westbrook leads a joining in PER, Player Efficiency Rating. Now, some of that is since PER values rebounds and shot attempts. It typically rewards volume shooters. But it’s also built as a metric to weigh how many prolongation a actor accomplishes per minute. And Westbrook is tops there. Points, rebounds, assists, he fills it up. He’s not usually a gunner, throwing adult shots constantly (though he leads a joining in margin thought attempts). He’s shooting, passing, rebounding, all a time — each possession, over and over. 

Leonard averages reduction than half of Westbrook’s turnovers. He shoots 6.5 commission points softened from a field. But he averages scarcely 6 fewer rebounds and 6 fewer assists per 100 possessions, on tip of 5 fewer points. So what’s some-more efficient? Westbrook’s per-minute production, or Leonard’s pointing and unaccompanied rubbish of possessions? 

11. How do we conclude ‘making teammates better?’

Some people don’t cruise this one matters, that it’s a injured concept. But it’s value during slightest asking. 

We’ve talked about a impact on teammates statistically. But Eric Gordon is carrying a career year subsequent to Harden. Clint Capela is a pick-and-roll monster. Richard Jefferson is a pivotal member on a championship group since of James. Leonard covers adult for a defensive stipulations of a slow, aging roster. Westbrook has dragged 10 assists per diversion out of a terrible expel of shooters. 

Some of this is leadership. Some of this is unselfishness. You can disagree that Leonard’s quiet, accurate approach of personification creates his teammates softened by never being a ballhog or winning security in a approach Westbrook does, or we can disagree that a courtesy Westbrook draws from defenders opens things adult for a injured roster. It’s value considering. 

12. Do we caring about ‘stat-padding?’

I don’t, for a record. Westbrook leads a joining in uncontested rebounds, per NBA.com. He still averages as many contested rebounds as James and some-more than Harden or Leonard. But a fact that so many of his play aren’t contested leads to a thought that his numbers, his defining evidence for MVP, aren’t legitimate. we tend to trust that someone still has to go get those uncontested rebounds, and we know that a Thunder complement is designed to box out and transparent space for Westbrook to go get them and afterwards competition a round adult to trigger a offense. There’s advantage to what he does. 

There’s also a fact that Harden and Westbrook mostly play late in blowouts, gunning for assists. They’ll repudiate it to a day they die, nonetheless they both will try and lane down a numbers for those triple-doubles, and some folks trust that hurts a team, since they’re not usually organically posterior a upsurge of a game. You’ll have to confirm for yourself what it is. 

13. What about aesthetics?

Harden draws a lot of fouls. That’s no surprise. He’s not doing it as many this season, or during slightest that’s perception. His free-throw rate is indeed adult significantly from a past dual years. Some people disgust a approach he seeks out hit to get to a line. 

Westbrook, meanwhile, is reckless. He drives into hit constantly. His diversion isn’t built on a jumper, that is a many aesthetically appreciative apparatus to a masses. He seems to play with abandon, and that turns some folks off. 

James doesn’t go 100 percent, since he’s 32 and personification for championships. 

Leonard is fundamentally a robot. His diversion is brutally efficient, nonetheless low on defining signature moves. He usually does all well.

The NBA is an party philharmonic above all else, so should a approach players play, and how we knowledge it, matter? Do we wish a flopping, flailing, foul-drawing criminal artist as MVP? What about a coasting fable who could seem to do some-more nonetheless doesn’t? Or a robotic, routine actor who doesn’t enthuse many joy? Or a reckless, ball-dominant super-usage star vigilant on collecting all a attention?

I tend to cruise these are capricious constructs that don’t go in who is honourable of a award, nonetheless that’s if we caring about a players receiving it, and not a bequest of a award. There are drawbacks to both.  

14. Does it matter what happens if we take that actor off their team?

This one is unequivocally popular. As we mentioned above, a Cavs and Thunder are fundamentally decaying eggs and marred divert when James and Westbrook aren’t on a floor. That’s how a lot of people, electorate even, confirm their MVP. 

“Their group would be zero nonetheless them, they are good with them. The end.”

The problem with this is that it means that all a other factors we talked about are irrelevant. Let’s contend that a Pelicans were literally a misfortune group in NBA story when Anthony Davis isn’t on a floor. Worse than a 2012 Bobcats, usually a misfortune group ever. And with Davis on a floor, they’re usually bad — fundamentally a 30-win team. He took them from a misfortune of all time, to not-great. Is that many valuable?

The common erect is to place a claim array of wins on this. So it becomes “who takes a bad group and creates them a X-wins team?” If that sounds like kind of an capricious and injured setup, it is. This also ignores a fact that these stars play with starters many often. If they play with softened players, of march a group is going to be worse nonetheless them. 

Then there’s a “OK, what if we usually private them entirely.” Well, a problem with that is it assumes there’s no deputy for them. If we take divided Westbrook, and supplement an normal prove guard, are a Thunder one of a misfortune teams ever? If we take divided Harden and put Jeff Teague in, what do a Rockets demeanour like? They wouldn’t be great, that’s clear. But we can’t usually act like if that actor doesn’t play for that team, a group does zero to reinstate their prolongation and impact. 

Win-loss annals are a same way. If we take a best actor off any team, they’re going to be worse. Look no serve than a Warriors’ struggles nonetheless Durant for explanation of that. 

15. How is this opinion going to demeanour in 6 months? What about in 5 years?

Imagine that in 10 years, we and your friends were going to come behind to wherever we are, and we have to urge that MVP vote. Now, we don’t, nonetheless suppose we did. The Steve Nash MVP (which we will still urge as correct) has aged terribly and is constantly ridiculed and criticized for not going to Kobe Bryant. The 2011 Derrick Rose MVP still gets a few grumbles. A reputable (and great) author attacked James of being a initial unanimous MVP opinion in 2013 since he voted for Carmelo Anthony. (He might still feel good about that. we haven’t asked him.) 

You wish to try and suppose how these votes will demeanour down a line. If we don’t opinion for a man who averaged a triple-double, how is that going to look? If we don’t opinion for Kawhi Leonard, and he winds adult as a best actor in a array where he destroys Harden, even nonetheless it’s a regular-season award, it’s like a Hakeem Olajuwon-David Robinson situation. It’s unfit to foresee a future, nonetheless we should try and cruise of how a opinion looks now, instead of how it will demeanour later, since these awards, some-more than anything, mount as story when deliberation analysis of careers after a fact. 

16. How noted is his season?

To that end, how many will we be articulate about this season? Both this doubt and a final one gaunt towards Westbrook. “Remember that year that Westbrook averaged a triple-double? He didn’t even win MVP.” James is averaging a career high in rebounds and assists. But formed on how a Cavs have played, and James himself, this isn’t one of his many noted seasons. In fact, given their record and that 22nd-ranked defense, if it weren’t for final year’s title, we’d be articulate about either a Cavs are in trouble, or if they’re ever going to win a pretension with James there. 

For Leonard, a Spurs could breeze adult with some-more than 65 wins … nonetheless they won 67 final year. Leonard has been extraordinary this season, nonetheless outward of Sunday’s opening vs. Harden, there are unequivocally few times where we usually marveled during a approach Leonard took over a game. 

Harden, for his part, has had dual 50-point triple-doubles. That alone is insane. You’ll remember this LeBron deteriorate for whatever happens in a playoffs, and a same with Leonard. But Harden and Westbrook’s unchanging seasons seems like they’ll be talked about for a prolonged time. 

17. Who’s many impactful?

This is a doubt we always get to, and it’s how we weigh a award. we cruise all a other questions on this list. But during a finish of it, particular basketball excellence, is about what we do when you’re on a court, and how we impact a game. There are a lot of ways to answers this one. Leonard’s invulnerability and two-way versatility. LeBron’s unaccompanied value and prevalence over all aspects. Westbrook’s superhuman effort and stirring statistical feats. Harden’s potency and how he’s lifted a Rockets into being maybe a many dangerous group outward of Golden State in a playoffs. 

Offense, defense, a stats, a highlights, a signature games, all of this creates for a formula. I’m reduction endangered with a group is nonetheless that actor as we am with how they are with them. What do they demeanour like? Are they dangerous? Confident? Can they run over teams? Does he take over games and win them on his own? Are teams fearful of him and gameplan for him? 

These all make approach some-more than 17 questions, nonetheless this is how difficult this year’s competition is. If you’re not seeking yourself these questions, afterwards we haven’t unequivocally finished a work. 

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