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NBA Playoffs: 10 many noted moments from a initial round

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The initial turn of a 2016 NBA playoffs was a letdown, with usually dual competitive​ series. That’s not to contend there weren’t some constrained moments. Some, like injuries to Stephen Curry, Blake Griffin and Chris Paul, were devastating. Others, like Drake’s derisive of a Pacers and a Rockets’ greeting to James Harden’s game-winner, were a bit some-more lighthearted. Round 1 had all you’d wish out of a postseason round, outward of an contentment of tangible good games. Here are a 10 many noted moments from a initial round.

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Stephen Curry injures knee

Undoubtedly, a biggest story of a playoffs so distant has been a Warriors’ query to say their unusual turn of play though star indicate ensure Stephen Curry. The reigning MVP slipped on a soppy mark in Game 4 opposite a Rockets and fell awkwardly, spraining his MCL. In what was eventually a sorely unsatisfactory initial turn of a playoffs, this was by distant a lowest moment. No one wants to see a basketball superhero skip time due to injury.

“He’s an idiot”

The Mavericks and Thunder traded written blows during their five-game series, that was substantially some-more engaging than their on-court battles. First, Mavs maestro Charlie Villanueva tried to interrupt Russell Westbrook’s pre-game dance, afterwards Mark Cuban pronounced that Kevin Durant was Oklahoma City’s usually superstar. That culminated in one interesting post-game presser after Game 5, where Durant called Cuban an “idiot,” and Westbrook joked about VIllanueva gearing adult to float a dais subsequent season.

Harden hits game-winner, Rockets seem bored

This was expected a many artificial debate of a playoffs, though one that had folks shouting a most. Harden’s stepback game-winner was substantially a many sparkling of a opening round, though a Rockets dais positively didn’t seem to find a impulse thrilling.

They knew a diversion was distant from over, with a integrate of ticks left on a clock, so they hold their emotions in check until a final buzzer. They got clowned on a internet as a result.

Norm Powell’s take and dunk

Pacers-Raptors was indeed a good series. Norm Powell had his coming-out celebration interjection to this take and asperse in Game 5, that capped a 17-2 Toronto run and tied a game. Toronto went on to win, 102–99.

Drake inserts himself into a Raptors-Pacers series

Whether it was talking rabble on Instagram or right there on a court, Drake attempted his best to have an impact in Round 1. He indeed clapped in a ear of Rodney Stuckey after a turnover in Game 5, and after memed Paul George.

Gabrielle Union rips officials

Heat-Hornets Game 5 finished in debate when Dwyane Wade went adult opposite 3 defenders to try to tie a game, drew contact, and missed. His wife, Gabrielle Union, was positively mad following and went on a lengthy Twitter rant.

The Clippers’ Game 4 misery

In only a day, a Clippers went from intensity Western Conference champions to a many joyless story in basketball. Los Angeles mislaid Chris Paul to a damaged hand, Blake Griffin to a quad injury, and their opening-round series, 4 games to two.

The Austin Rivers game

Though a Clippers’ postseason eventually finished in disappointment, they got one violent opening from Austin Rivers. The 23-year-old started in place of an harmed Paul, left due to an eye damage that compulsory 11 stitches, and returned to dump 21. Rivers did all he could to will L.A. to a win.

“Bye Bye. Bye Bye. Bye Bye.”

Though they won in a sweep, Cleveland’s opening-round array with Detroit was one of a some-more quarrelsome matchups. After a parsimonious Game 4 win, Kyrie Irving bid farewell to a Pistons by directing some difference toward their bench.

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