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NBA Trade Rumors: Kevin Durant Moving to Los Angeles Clippers for Blake Griffin?

Superstars Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin were mentioned in new trade rumors, as their destiny with their particular teams stays controversial streamer into a deadline.

Durant could leave Oklahoma City Thunder when he hits giveaway group this offseason, while Griffin might have held a madness of Los Angeles Clippers executives after punching an apparatus manager.

According to Ken Berger of CBS Sports, a Thunder could eventually confirm to trade Durant before a deadline on Feb. 18 if they consider they can't keep his services this summer, when a former Most Valuable Player becomes a giveaway agent.

If they are not assured of their chances of gripping Durant, Berger pronounced that a Thunder should make a call to a Clippers about a probable understanding involving Griffin.

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“If a Thunder are led to trust there’s a genuine possibility Durant would leave, their initial call should be to a Clippers, whose possess problems could benefaction a resolution for a Thunder — and a unfolding that positively would be improved than losing Durant for nothing,” Berger said.

However, before a understanding could get finalized, a Clippers would also need joining from Durant, who will be an unlimited giveaway representative in a offseason and is approaching to get offers from several teams. Recent reports indicated that a New York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers and Washington Wizards will pursue Durant this summer.

It is value observant that a Clippers will usually approve a Durant-Griffin trade if Durant will determine to pointer a long-term agreement this summer. And as for Griffin, a Thunder will expected need a long-term joining as good since a luminary brazen binds a actor choice for a 2017-18 NBA season.

According to Berger, one source tighten to Griffin told him that it is uncertain if Griffin will like personification in Oklahoma City — his hometown — since of carrying too many distractions in a city.

NBA researcher Greg Anthony discussed a probable understanding during an talk with Madelyn Burke of Bleacher Report. Anthony pronounced that a Clippers will turn a improved group if a understanding will pull through, though a Thunder will not advantage from a deal. He resolved that a Thunder will usually make a pierce if Durant pushes for it.

“That is an doubtful scenario,” Anthony pronounced of a Griffin-Durant trade. “I don’t see it from a Thunder standpoint unless before a deadline Kevin Durant were to tell them there is now approach he is entrance back.”

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