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NCAA contest 2017: Today’s live blog, bracket, schedule, scores, and news

The initial dual days of a NCAA tournament have been roughly historically chalky, that has left some viewers a small restless. The good news? All those improved seeds advancing means we’re set adult for some really, unequivocally interesting second-round matchups over a subsequent 48 hours.

You can see Saturday’s full report here.

Refresh this page via a day for live updates and explanation on all of Saturday’s contest action.

11:53 — Final: Purdue 80, Iowa State 76

11:36 — Iowa State will not go away. Purdue’s lead is down to two, 71-69, with usually underneath 4 mins to play.

11:28 — DEONTE BURTON. Cyclones down six.

11:20 — This one isn’t over yet. Iowa State is creation a run of their own. Eight true points for a Cyclones and a lead is down to usually seven. 9:25 left in a game.

11:06 — Caleb Swanigan is winning this diversion for Purdue. The Boilmakers are adult 56-39 in a second half on Iowa State with 14:34 left in a game.

10:47 — Final: Florida 65, Virginia 39

10:33 — Purdue is rolling in a initial half, jumping out to a 44-31 lead over Iowa State during a break.

10:25 — Final: Arizona 69, Saint Mary’s 60

10:02 — Florida now leads Virginia, 40-17. Virginia has not scored in a final 7 mins of diversion action. There is now 17:35 left in a second half. Time to arise up.

9:48 — WOOOOOO demeanour during this discerning mangle asperse from Kadeem Allen. Arizona-St. Mary’s now has had 9 lead changes, all in a second half. This is gonna be a good one down a stretch.

9:38 — There have been 7 lead changes so distant during Arizona – St. Mary’s. Arizona is now unresolved on to a 40-39 lead with 14:48 left in a second half.

9:15 — Final: Buter 74, Middle Tennessee 65

9:02 — Butler led by 12 with 7:18 to go, and afterwards Middle Tennessee went on a 9-0 run and a Butler lead is now down to three, 59-56, with 3:30 left in a game. We’ve got a good one on a hands.

8:27 — Final: Xavier 91, Florida State 66

8:26 — Middle Tennessee is perplexing to lift off another dissapoint yet Butler is gripping them during arms length. The Bulldogs now lead 42-33 with 15:32 remaining in a second half.

8:07 — Xavier is positively doing Florida State. Currently adult 81-60 with 3:50 left in a second half. This will be utterly an dissapoint as no. 11 seed Xavier takes down no. 3 seed Florida State.

7:48 — Final: Gonzaga 79, Northwestern 73

7:37 — Northwestern will not give up. Down 6 to Gonzaga with 1:15 to go.

7:24 — Soooo Gonzaga is no longer stability to hurl Northwestern. The Wildcats have embellished a lead all a approach down to 5 after Vic Law’s lawful put-back slam. Five mins to go.

7:01 — Florida State fast showed some signs of life, yet Xavier fast responded and will lift a 44-34 advantage into a locker room during halftime. Gonzaga continues to hurl Northwestern, and Middle Tennessee vs. Butler is a few mins divided from tipping.

6:53 — You might have beheld that Florida State core Michael Ojo is a unequivocally vast tellurian being. As it turns out, Nike spent $15,000 on a special appurtenance usually to make a shoe vast adequate for Ojo. we wish they could means that.

6:39 — We’re 12 mins into Florida State-Xavier, and a Seminoles haven’t seemed to figure out anything imitative an effective approach to conflict a Musketeer defense. Chris Mack’s group is on top, 25-14.

6:16 — At halftime, Gonzaga leads Northwestern, 38-20. Florida Sate and Xavier are underway, giving us a much-needed life raft.

6:14 — Finally, mixed games going on during a same time has returned to a NCAA tournament. Timing couldn’t be better. Northwestern is being annihilated.

5:54 — Also brutal: What Gonzaga is doing to Northwestern right now. It’s 22-8 with 7:40 to go in a initial half.

5:53 — Brutal

5:45 — Nigel Hayes wasn’t a luminary some suspicion he’d be as a senior, yet when his group indispensable him a most, he played a diversion of his life.

5:43 — Zags display 0 courtesy for a feelings of sportswriters opposite a nation and are out to an considerable 16-6 early lead.

5:35 — The dusk event is off and using with a once friendly group people started hating 6 years ago and another once friendly group people started hating 6 days ago. It’s Gonzaga-Northwestern on CBS.

5:18 — Villanova’s feast or fast Mar existence continues. Since 2009, they haven’t seen their deteriorate in finish in week dual of a tournament. That camber includes one inhabitant title, one Final Four, and 6 initial weekend exits.

5:14 — Annnnnd he can sing

5:13 — Brown drills one of dual yet Nova can’t get a demeanour to tie a game. There will be a new champion in college basketball this year. Wisconsin finished a diversion on a 15-5 run.

5:11 — Another unequivocally bad preference by Josh Hart. He drives extravagantly to a basket and gets nude by Vitto Brown. Brown can now sign a understanding with dual free-throws.

5:10 — I’d substantially ensure Kris Jenkins here.

5:09 — Incredible pierce by Nigel Hayes formula in a bucket and a dual indicate Wisconsin lead with 11 seconds left. This is tremendous.

5:07 — DiVincenzo creates one and we’re tied with 30 seconds to go.

5:06 — They get something even better, a take and a tainted on Hayes that was dangerously tighten to being intentional. Donte DiVincenzo will have a possibility to put Villanova brazen with dual free-throws.

5:05 — Josh Hart, a intensity inhabitant POY, travels on a pivotal possession with his group down one and reduction than a notation to go. Nova needs a stop now.

5:04 — “You’re livin’ in this small booth, and your teams tied adult during tw–” we cut it off there given we stabbed myself in a face. Not really. we am ill of a blurb though.

4:59 — And usually like that a Badgers are behind adult one. If you’re reading this live blog and not examination a game, good that’s a unequivocally formidable mixed to understand, yet also spin your radio on and flip to CBS. Just 2:25 to go.

4:54 — If this is a finish for Nigel Haeys, let’s remember a good times.

4:47 — Villanova adult 7 and Donte DiVincenzo is personification as good as I’ve ever seen him. People who struggled with spelling and pronouncing “Ryan Arcidiacono” during final season’s run are carrying PTSD.

4:42 — ‘Nova is finally personification with a certainty of a group that won it all a year ago. They’re adult by four, yet to Wisconsin’s credit, a Badgers keep overhanging back. This feels like one of those games where a No. 1 seed looks behind in a integrate weeks and talks about what a shock it was. Or maybe they lose. we don’t know.

4:28 — About 24 hours ago, this male was coaching Oklahoma State in a rarely rival and heated NCAA contest game.

Sports are wild, man.

4:25 — Speaking of Big Ten teams, Wisconsin has authorised Villanova to take a initial lead in a prolonged time, and appears to be entering something of a dangerous time. ‘Nova adult by dual with 13 mins to play, and a Badgers are traffic with some critical tainted trouble.

4:18 — Illinois employing Brad Underwood is a finish stunner, yet a conspicuous aloft for a Illini. Assuming he’s means to get a stream players to buy into his enlightenment and win over a preference of Chicago’s high propagandize and AAU coaches, that module should get behind to competing for Big Ten titles.

4:08 — We’ve got a good one going here, yet we am amatory a buildup for Kentucky-Wichita State tomorrow.

3:48 — Halftime: Wisconsin 31, Villanova 27

3:38 — I’m not creation a prophecy here, yet Wisconsin has looked some-more stoical and usually flat-out improved than Villanova by a initial 17 mins of this game. They lead, 29-23. Also, picked Villanova to win a whole thing.

3:24 — Northwestern football manager Pat Fitzgerald stays some-more vehement about his school’s NCAA contest run than any football manager in history.

3:22 — Wisconsin had non-stop adult a 20-12 lead before Josh Hart started doing Josh Hart things and Nova was means to cut a domain behind to three. Eight mins to play in a opening half.

3:14 — My dominion for a second diversion to flip to during commercials. I’d rather have one now than dual during 11:30 tonight, that is accurately what’s going to happen. I’ll never know a second spin scheduling. Wisconsin up, 12-10.

3:07 — Wisconsin display 0 signs of intimidation, usually as you’d expect. Badgers lead it by dual early as Villanova struggles with a shot early on for a second true game.

2:53 — We’re finally behind basketballing and we’ve got about as plain a 1/8 second spin matchup as we could ask for. It’s a reigning inhabitant champs opposite a module that’s won some-more contest games over a final 4 years than any other. Wisconsin hasn’t been sent home before a tournament’s second weekend given 2013, and they’ve won mixed games in 5 of a final 6 large dances.

2:24 — We now have 30 mins yet basketball, that translates to 7 hours in NCAA contest opening weekend time. Villanova-Wisconsin adult next.

2:23 — Final: West Virginia 83, Notre Dame 71. The Mountaineers are a initial group by to a Sweet 16, and Notre Dame’s run of uninterrupted Elite 8 appearances is over during two.

2:21 — Verne creates an easy “do we know a approach to San Jose?” fun yet he does it so good that it doesn’t even matter.

2:14 — Jevon Carter usually strike what looks like a backbreaking three-pointer. The youth ensure has been illusory all day and has 21 points. Mountaineers usually a integrate of mins divided from being a initial group to punch their sheet to week two.

2:12 — If there’s something we don’t like about yourself and we consider we can’t change it, usually remember Nathan Adrian and his hair.

2:07 — Bonzie Colson single-handedly perplexing to keep Notre Dame alive. He’s got 24 points, yet he’s also personification with 4 fouls. Mountaineers by nine.

2:03 — Vasturia misses a wide-open three. These guys usually can't buy one today.

2:02 — Notre Dame is in a bonus, that is a outrageous understanding given they’re a best free-throw sharpened group in a country. WVU lead is down to seven. Need stops, some whistles, and someone to hit down an open shot or dual and we should have a good finish.

1:56 — Notre Dame finally gets a small bit of movement and beginner Temple Gibbs gets T’d adult for slapping a round out of a West Virginia player’s hands. Dumb pierce by a immature player, yet man, we don’t have to call that. Just advise a child and play on.

1:52 — I’ve been observant given a joint came out that we can’t trust a group like West Virginia who relies so heavily on a mistakes of their opponents. I’ve also been observant that this was a misfortune probable pull for a Mountaineers, given they’d have to play dual rarely fit teams that don’t spin a round over with any arrange of regularity.

I’m wrong about all and we should substantially stop reading this live blog.

1:44 — If you’re usually now starting to watch this diversion and are looking for some form of recap, this shave should suffice:

1:35 — Still overwhelming that West Virginia seems to be creation this intensely fit and effective Notre Dame offense do whatever it wants them to do. Mountaineers lead by 10 and a Irish demeanour like they’re not going to find a answers.

1:32 — Second half is underway and Bonzie Colson has 3 fouls. Huge impulse there. Looks like Brey is going to hurl a bones and let him stay on a floor.

1:15 — we can never see Mike Brey anymore yet meditative about this implausible lede from Adam Kilgore of The Washington Post from final year’s tournament.

These days, Mike Brey looks like a day merchant who has endured a utterly assertive happy hour. Notre Dame’s conduct manager has traded ski board stylish for businessman-on-a-bender. He ditched heading turtlenecks for open collars, cleared buttons, slicked-back hair and slept-in-a-ditch stubble. He dresses like a mislaid essence on his fourth martini and down to his final Marlboro Light. He looks primed to perspective a Vegas sunrise. He looks, to be honest, kind of awesome.

“I adore that,” Notre Dame indicate ensure Matt Farrell said. “Who cares? Just let it ride.”

“I like a look,” brazen Bonzie Colson said. “I consider he’s a smoothest manager in a league.”

“I theory he’s past a midlife crisis,” longtime partner Rod Balanis said, laughing.

1:04 — When halftime comes on a initial Saturday of a contest and we have a fulfilment that there isn’t another diversion to flip to

1:02 — Halftime: West Virginia 42, Notre Dame 35. Irish started branch a round over again right after we pronounced that thing.

12:59 — This is anti-American.

Verne’s a gamer though. Playing right by it.

12:58 — we don’t know how a rest of this contest is going to play out, yet we feel utterly assured in observant that there won’t be another matchup featuring dual coaches you’d some-more like to have a postgame splash with than Huggins and Brey.

12:53 — The Irish have collected themselves a bit here and this is branch into some-more of a diversion we suspicion it would be. West Virginia leads by 3 with 3 to play.

12:43 — One of a many startling things I’ve seen this contest is Notre Dame looking like it has no answer for West Virginia’s pressure. The Irish are second in a nation in turnovers per diversion (9.4) and turnover commission (12.2% of possessions), that would clearly make them a misfortune matchup probable for Press Virginia. Instead, ND keeps inexplicably removing trapped in a dilemma and has already incited a round over 6 times. The outcome is an 8-point lead for a Mountaineers.

12:32 — Notre Dame is alive. A discerning run spearheaded by indicate ensure Matt Farrell has tripped West Virginia’s lead to 15-11.

12:29 — The initial Saturday of a contest is always arrange of like Christmas night. Yeah, there’s still a whole lot of cold things going on here, and I’m reasonably entertained, I’m usually not flooded with party anymore like I’d gotten used to and now it feels weird.

12:15 — West Virginia has roared out to a 10-0 lead. we consider we pronounce for all of America when we contend that we’re going to need Notre Dame to arise adult here. Not indispensably given we wish a Fighting Irish to win, yet given for a initial time in what feels like an perpetuity there are no other games to flip to, and we’re arrange of freaking out about it right now.

Article source: http://www.sbnation.com/college-basketball/2017/3/18/14967208/2017-ncaa-bracket-scores-tournament-schedule-saturday-round-2


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