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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo only done pot legalization a priority

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday categorically pronounced for a initial time that he supports marijuana legalization in his state — and will make it a legislative priority in 2019.

“Let’s legalize a adult use of recreational marijuana, once and for all,” Cuomo said in a speech surveying his administration’s priorities for a initial 100 days of 2019.

The administrator did not exhibit any specific sum of what his legalization check will entail, yet one chairman operative on a legislation told me that it might be introduced as shortly as January.

This isn’t a initial time Cuomo has suggested he will legalize marijuana. In August, Cuomo set up a operative organisation to write a legalization check that implements recommendations from a state Department of Health to legalize and umpire cannabis.

The Department of Health’s report resolved that pot criminalization “has not tempered pot use notwithstanding a joining of poignant law coercion resources.” The news remarkable that marijuana-related arrests and prosecutions over a past dual decades “have disproportionately influenced low-income communities of color,” even yet these communities aren’t significantly some-more expected to use pot. And it found that legalization would let a state “better control licensing, safeguard peculiarity control and consumer protection, and set age and apportion restrictions,” as good as yield hundreds of millions in taxation income to a state each year.

But a debate on Monday is a initial time Cuomo has categorically pronounced he supports pot legalization.

It’s a large change for a governor. As Tom Angell reported for Marijuana Majority, “As recently as a year ago he called pot a ‘gateway drug.’ But 2018 has seen Cuomo’s position on a emanate change dramatically, commencement amid an suddenly clever primary plea from Cynthia Nixon, a on-going claimant who ran on a legalization platform.” Cuomo is also rumored to be deliberation a 2020 presidential bid, nonetheless he said in Nov that he’s ruled out a run.

One reason Cuomo might feel gentle pulling legalization now: Democrats will control both houses of a New York state legislature for a initial time given he became administrator in 2011. Democrats are generally some-more supportive of legalization than Republicans.

If New York entirely legalizes marijuana, it will turn a 11th state — and a second many populous, after California — to do so. Medical marijuana is already authorised in a state.

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