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News Daily: Royal marriage plans, and Bali volcano alert

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Royal wedding: Will we get a date?

It happened as they done fry duck during Kensington Palace. Prince Harry due and his girlfriend, a US singer Meghan Markle, accepted. That carrying been announced on Monday, we’re expecting some some-more sum of a marriage itself after today.

Will that embody a date? It’s going to occur in a spring, though Apr is suspicion unlikely, as that’s when a Duchess of Cambridge is awaiting her third child. We do know that it will be a church service, though Downing Street says there are no skeleton to make a couple’s marriage day a bank holiday.

Ahead of serve announcements, to get we in a mood for a festivities, here’s a ask to exam your believe of royal weddings by a ages. Also, who competence be in line to pattern a dress? And, finally, who was a other American in Prince Harry’s family?

Hunt: NHS contingency do improved on baby deaths

It’s estimated that, in England, 1,000 babies suddenly die or are left with critical mind injuries during birth any year – that’s about one in 700. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has pronounced a NHS contingency do improved during training from a mistakes, in sequence to revoke that number. All astonishing cases of genocide or critical mistreat will now be exclusively investigated, he added. The Royal College of Midwives welcomed a proclamation though pronounced some-more staff were needed.

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Bali volcano closes airfield for second day

The people of Bali continue to wait to see how bad a tear of Mount Agung will get. The volcano is spewing charcoal in plumes adult to dual miles (3km) high. The Indonesian island’s general airfield has been close for a second day, with a travel method estimating that 59,000 tourists are stranded.

Do people reason in a apprehension shock ‘panic’?

By Stephen Reicher and John Drury, Universities of St Andrews and Sussex

Video footage of what happened in London’s Oxford Street final week does uncover people running, and many demeanour frightened and upset. But their poise is mostly proportionate. They are especially in tiny groups and they are mostly assisting those who are slowest.

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What a papers contend

Hmmmm – what could presumably be on many front pages today? Every categorical inhabitant journal solely a Financial Times shows Prince Harry and fiancee Meghan Markle smiling as they pronounce about their engagement. “One’s one” jokes Metro in a headline, while a Daily Express’s is “Look of love”, as a integrate gawk into any other’s eyes. The i calls it a “royal marriage like no other”, observant Ms Markle will turn a initial mixed-race member of a Royal Family. Meanwhile, a Times reports that Labour personality Jeremy Corbyn has started a inform of centrist internal councillors in foster of severe candidates.

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Today Pope Francis continues his debate of Myanmar, amid regard over a predicament inspiring a Rohingya people.

This morning The European Commission’s Article 29 Working Party – that looks during data-protection issues – opens a two-day assembly to plead Uber. This comes after a association certified a crack had unprotected information from about 57 million patron and motorist accounts.

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