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NFL contingency learn from Rams vs. Chiefs fumble in Mexico City for destiny general games

Considering all a logistical challenges, a NFL’s International Series has left off flattering good given a pregnancy in 2007.

Until this week, during least.

The NFL had to pierce Monday’s Kansas City Chiefs-Los Angeles Rams diversion from Mexico City behind to Los Angeles due to poor territory issues during Estadio Azteca. An Oct Shakira concert, a slew of soccer games and a ubiquitous problems compared with new weed that was commissioned final open did a diversion in. The personification aspect usually wasn’t protected to play on.

It’s positively an annoyance for a league. More importantly though, it should offer as a warning shot, or during slightest a reminder, that as most as a NFL wants to marketplace a diversion around a globe, it needs to be committed to assure conditions elsewhere compare those here in a States.

“Until really recently, we had no vital concerns,” Mark Waller, NFL executive clamp boss of International, pronounced in a statement. “But, a multiple of a formidable stormy deteriorate and a complicated multi-event calendar of events during a stadium, have resulted in poignant repairs to a margin that presents nonessential risks to actor reserve and creates it unsuited to horde an NFL game.”

It can occur and there was no other choice. The margin wasn’t adult to NFL standards. The players were balking. And so, with that, a dozen years into this a International Series, there was beating (certainly for a 90,000 fans in Mexico City who bought tickets).

Of march in Los Angeles, Rams fans get a reward game. So, it’s not all bad for a NFL.

“Moving a diversion is a right decision,” Waller said. “And one that we indispensable to announce now in sequence to concede a teams and fans to make swap arrangements.”

The NFL has not had a problem in London, where 24 games have been staged, 21 of them during Wembley Stadium. Locker bedrooms are close and can brief out into walkways, yet a games have been fine. In an bid to understanding with that, a soon-to-be-finished Tottenham Hotspur Stadium was designed to embody locker bedrooms that can accommodate vast NFL rosters and dedicated areas for medical treatment. The joining has dual games scheduled there annually starting subsequent year.

The NFL could usually wish Estadio Azteca, creatively assembled for a 1968 Olympics (although renovated 4 times since, including 2016) could be as plush.

The NFL wants to play games in a Mexican capital. (There’s another scheduled for 2019.) Mexico City has a civil race of 22.2 million. Unlike London, there are no time section constraints, that means a city is abounding with fans of all NFL teams. The diversion isn’t a oddity there, a approach it generally was when a NFL initial went to London.

As such, a joining was gratified with a possibility to give Mexican fans not usually a regular-season game, yet one of a marquee matchups of a deteriorate – a 9-1 Rams v. 9-1 Chiefs, in what could be a Super Bowl preview.

“It really adds to a excitement,” Waller told Yahoo Sports final month of exporting such a large game. “It shows fans how committed we are to a agenda. Teams are peaceful to give home dates for games of that caliber. Fans know that it matters.”

The NFL wants to play games in lots of places. There was a due 2018 deteriorate opener between a Rams and a San Francisco 49ers in China. That was cancelled before a season, with an eye toward carrying it played in 2019 as partial of a league’s 100-year anniversary celebration. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has been bullish on China.

Meanwhile, a joining has discussed putting a diversion in Berlin as a approach to benefit a foothold in mainland Europe. It’s a matter of possibly expanding a International Series or holding a date out of London. Ireland, Scotland and Wales have also been cited as intensity diversion locations. So too has a second date in Mexico or even a diversion in Brazil, where a NFL enjoys substantial popularity.

And afterwards there are a London games, 4 of them scheduled for subsequent year alone.

It all sounds good in a boardroom. New markets. New fans. Huge cities. Huge potential.

Not all works though. The NFL is sanctified (mostly due to U.S. taxpayers) to play a games in plush facilities. With a difference of Oakland, a Rams and a Los Angeles Chargers, any of a league’s stadiums was built essentially for a NFL. And all 3 teams will play in new, state-of-the-art stadiums by 2020.

That can’t be positive internationally. What in America can mount adult to Shakira and soccer competence not elsewhere.

That’s always been a intensity pratfall of holding a uncover on a road. It finally blew adult on a league.

Tough mangle for Mexico City, a late bonus for L.A. And for a NFL, a doctrine to be schooled once a chagrin wears off.

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