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NFL player: Does anyone tell Trump to hang to politics?

A member of a Detroit Lions shot behind during President Trump for wading into a discuss over NFL players kneeling during a inhabitant anthem during a convene in Alabama Friday night.

“Does anyone tell Trump to hang to politics, like they tell us to hang to sports? Smh,” Lions parsimonious finish Eric Ebron tweeted Saturday.

Former NFL running behind Reggie Bush responded to Ebron, observant Trump “[isn’t] even good during [politics].” 

Trump told a throng during a convene for Alabama Senate claimant Luther StrangeLuther Johnson StrangeMoore laments secular multiplication between ‘reds and yellows’ Corker pulpy as reelection hurdles mountain Trump to revisit Alabama in support of Strange MORE (R) Friday night that NFL players would stop kneeling if people left games over it.

“When people like yourselves turn on radio and we see those people holding a knee when they are personification a good inhabitant anthem – a usually thing we could do better is if we see it, even if it’s one player, leave the stadium,” Trump said. “I pledge things will stop.”

Trump also pronounced NFL owners should glow players if they exclude to mount during a inhabitant anthem.

“Wouldn’t we adore to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects a flag, to say, ‘Get that son of a b—- off the field right now,'” he continued, adding, “‘He is fired.'” 

Trump has formerly pounded NFL actor Colin Kaepernick for kneeling during a inhabitant anthem to criticism a diagnosis of people of tone in America, and suggested Kaepernick is still unsigned because he wouldn’t mount for a anthem.

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