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NFL playoffs: Titans-Chiefs, Falcons-Rams flog off wild-card weekend

Alex Smith competence be personification for a job, possibly with a Chiefs or another team. (Bill Kostroun/Associated Press)

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The Atlanta Falcons will face a unrelenting exam Saturday night when they start what they wish will outcome in a lapse outing to — and a improved outcome in — a Super Bowl this season.

They’ll face a manly offense of a Los Angeles Rams, one of a NFL’s astonishing darlings this season, after a deteriorate in that it seemed that there were slow effects from their meltdown detriment to a Patriots in Super Bowl LI. The diversion is in Los Angeles and, to boot, a Rams have a marvel in Sean McVay, their 31-year-old wunderkind coach.

Can a Falcons enclose using behind Todd Gurley, a bona fide MVP candidate? The 11-5 Rams, who lead a NFL in scoring with a 29.9-point average, are 6-0 when Gurley rushes for some-more than 100 yards. He’s also a legit receiving threat, heading a group with 64 receptions. Gurley led a joining with 2,093 yards from struggle notwithstanding sitting out a unchanging deteriorate finale.

The 10-6 Falcons modernized to a Super Bowl final year with a clever offense led by MVP Matt Ryan. This time, they’re roving a invulnerability that has been improving, giving adult usually 93.6 yards per diversion on a belligerent over a final 8 games.

Kicking off a weekend is a diversion between a 9-7 Titans and 10-6 Chiefs in Kansas City. When it comes to a playoffs, a Chiefs have been underachievers and this diversion could be Alex Smith’s final with a team, that drafted Patrick Mahomes final spring.

“He’s one of a guys we’re awaiting to be out there,” a high-ranking executive with an NFL group formulation to be in a quarterback marketplace told The Washington Post’s Mark Maske. “He’s positively a man we’ll have on a list, and we’ll demeanour into him and his situation.”

Carrying a 21-3 lead into halftime had to make a Chiefs and their fans feel flattering good. Not so most yet per star parsimonious finish Travis Kelce, who took a shot to a conduct while creation a locate in a second entertain and  looked wobbly, wanting assistance to mount up. He would leave a diversion and was ruled out with a concussion.

Top story lines

One of a NFL’s other darlings, a Buffalo Bills, will make a playoff coming for a initial time in 18 years Sunday, roving to Jacksonville for a day’s early game. The 9-7 Bills sneaked into a postseason final Sunday when a Ravens mislaid to a Bengals on a touchdown pass by Andy Dalton to Tyler Boyd. Since then, Buffalo fans have been paying their good happening forward with contributions to a charities of both players.

The 10-6 Jaguars have modernized with a clever invulnerability and, well, Dalton and Boyd competence not be means to assistance a Bills here, yet no one should count a group and a Bills Mafia fans out.

The weekend’s culmination facilities an NFC South matchup, a third this deteriorate between a Saints and Panthers, in New Orleans. The Saints will be perplexing to kick a group for a third time this season, something not simply accomplished. The Saints won 34-13 on Sept. 24 and 31-21 on Dec. 3. Containing Cam Newton will be a contingency for a Saints’ defense, that will be helped by a participation of Marshon Lattimore, a cornerback who is a rookie of a year claimant and only happened to have missed both of a progressing games opposite a Panthers. Lattimore available 5 unchanging deteriorate interceptions in his 13 games.

Among devotees of Who Dat Nation, there’s a clarity that this competence be Drew Brees’s best shot during a second NFL title. The 39-year-old is in his 17th deteriorate and, for a change, a Saints aren’t vital and failing with his passes. This season, New Orleans has dual Pro Bowl using backs, Mark Ingram and rookie Alvin Kamara, who ranked fifth in a joining in rushing offense.

“It certain is nice,” Brees said. “I mean, listen, does it change a approach we prepare? No. Does it change my mind-set going into a game? No. It’s only when we supplement adult a series of throws … it’s substantially my fewest attempts in a prolonged time, right? So if you’re holding divided five, seven, 10 attempts a diversion and those are going to a run game, well, that means that you’re doing something right in a run game. And it substantially means you’re personification good invulnerability since you’re not in a position where we have to chuck a round or get large chunks [of yardage].

“Still, my mind-set doesn’t change during a march of credentials or a potency during that we wish to play at. we still consider certain plays. we still consider holding caring of a football and all those things. But we consider during a finish of a day, what has it finished for me? Well, it doesn’t force me to have to take as many chances.”

What’s up: When and where to watch


Titans during Chiefs, 4:35 p.m. EST (ESPN)

Falcons during Rams, 8:15 p.m. EST (NBC)


Bills during Jaguars, 1:05 p.m. EST (CBS)

Panthers during Saints, 4:40 p.m. EST (Fox)

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Injury news

Bills using behind LeSean McCoy is approaching to play after spiteful his ankle final week. It isn’t transparent how effective he’ll be, though, since he hadn’t tested a ankle as of Saturday.

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