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Nickel Coverage: Five questions that need answered before Week 1

  • After a statistical quick that lasted some-more than 8 months, a NFL was kind adequate to give anticipation football fans a nip of numbers Thursday night. Beginning on Sunday during 1 p.m. ET, we are going to fill ourselves on anticipation stats all a approach by Monday Night Football’s doubleheader on ESPN.

    There are copiousness of large questions streamer into a weekend anticipation feast after an offseason of speculation, and we are here to give we some answers. Each week via a season, we will predicate 5 of a week’s many intriguing anticipation questions to a rotating row of experts from ESPN, ESPN Fantasy and NFL Nation. Five questions for 5 analysts, thus, Nickel Coverage.

    Responses this week come from NFL Nation Giants writer and visit NFL Insiders writer Dan Graziano, Tim Hasselbeck from Fantasy Football Now and NFL Live, ESPN Fantasy analysts KC Joyner and Jim McCormick, and NFL Nation Dolphins writer James Walker.

    Which rookie will make a biggest Week 1 impact?

    Graziano: Amari Cooper. I’m not amatory any of a matchups for a rookie regulating backs this week, and we consider Cooper is going to be a genuine deal  — a beast from a get-go as Derek Carr’s No. 1 choice in Oakland.

    Hasselbeck: Tevin Coleman.  It’s tough to figure out a rookie’s impact before he even plays in a regular-season game, so I’m going with a rookie who we trust will accept a many touches Week 1.  Coleman is a starting regulating behind for a Atlanta Falcons, and since of Devonta Freeman‘s hamstring injury, he competence be a usually choice that a Falcons wish to use during a position in Kyle Shanahan’s offense this week.  Nearly 20 touches will be tough to kick for any rookie.

    Joyner: Ameer Abdullah. He ranked in a tip 10 in college final year in rushes of 20 or some-more yards (18, tied for eighth) and 40 or some-more yards (7, tied for sixth). Detroit drafted him to be a home run behind and will give him any eventuality to do so opposite a San Diego invulnerability that ranked 26th in rushing yards authorised final season.

    McCormick: Cooper. I’m guessing a parsimonious indicate widespread we see for a rather adored Bengals is off, and a diversion upsurge could see a Raiders down early, pulling a flitting diversion to a front burner (even as Oakland would expected cite to bruise a belligerent and eat adult a clock). I’m also fixation batch in Cooper’s large preseason aim share as an indicator he could be among a league’s tip row in such usage. Even if this isn’t a boldest call, it’s positively a many fruitful anticipation conditions among incoming maestro freshmen.

    Walker:  I assume many are going to collect Raiders receiver Amari Cooper, and that’s a good and easy selection. But I’m going to go a small deeper with Jacksonville regulating behind and second-round collect T.J. Yeldon, who is a former college teammate of Cooper’s during Alabama. we clarity a Jaguars are still in “protection mode” with quarterback Blake Bortles. we design Jacksonville to try to hang in games by personification it protected and regulating a round a lot with Yeldon with a spirit of Denard Robinson. Carolina has a tough front seven, yet it takes usually one touchdown and a few good runs for a anticipation tailback to get plain points.

    What are your expectations for Davante Adams in Week 1: WR1, WR2, Flex, or are we going to wait to see how he fares opposite a Bears before regulating him?

    Graziano: I’d have no problem regulating Davante Adams out there as one of my far-reaching receivers in my three-WR league, since we consider he’ll furnish in a Packers’ offense. But if we had a some-more proven choice who was ranked likewise or had a good matchup (Golden Tate? Vincent Jackson?), I’d lay Adams and wait to see. He’s not going to only replicate Jordy Nelson’s production, since he doesn’t have Jordy Nelson’s accurate ability set.

    Hasselbeck: He’s a plain WR2 for Week 1 in my opinion, and we many positively do not need to see him contra a Bears to figure out how we feel about him.  Chicago was an comprehensive disaster on a defensive side of a round a year ago, and with a Nelson injury, Adams is scheduled to play scarcely any descent snap for Green Bay.

    Joyner: Nelson racked adult 154 targets final year (9.6 per game), a sum that ranked fourth tip among far-reaching receivers. Green Bay won’t design Adams to shoulder that bid level, yet in a matchup opposite a unequivocally diseased Chicago secondary, it won’t take a high aim volume for Adams to post numbers estimable of a starting anticipation far-reaching receiver. He is pegged precisely as a WR2 on my house this week.

    McCormick: In gauging a risk/reward earnings on deploying Adams in a new purpose after a mostly emasculate rookie effort, I’m pricing Adams as a WR2 given a healthy expected indicate sum for a diversion and what should be a profitable share of a Packers’ flitting game. Rodgers has valid to be rather of a star builder already in his career, assisting to awaken special anticipation seasons from Greg Jennings and James Jones in prior campaigns. The Bears’ retooled invulnerability didn’t make many discernible upgrades in a secondary, while Rodgers forsaken 10 TDs and 0 picks on a Bears final season.

    Walker: Plug and play Adams right now and don’t demeanour back! There are too many factors in Adams’ favor. First, a No. 2 choice during receiver in Green Bay’s offense is improved than half of a league’s initial options when it comes to anticipation points. Second, Chicago’s delegate is zero to write home about, and even conduct manager John Fox isn’t expressing many certainty in his organisation this week. Finally, we never know how a maestro signing like James Jones will eventually impact a immature receiver like Adams. Once Jones gets reacclimated to Green Bay’s offense in a integrate of weeks, his opportunities could boost and naturally impact a volume of balls thrown to Adams. Owners of Adams need to money in now in a eventuality a dynamics eventually change in Green Bay.

    Which actor do we consider will make an astonishing dash this week?

    Graziano: we consider it’s a large week for Rueben Randle of a Giants. Odell Beckham Jr.’s getting all of a attention, Victor Cruz probably isn’t playing, and Dallas doesn’t have adequate corners to account for all of the receivers descent coordinator Ben McAdoo wants to put on a field. Randle had 6 catches for 74 yards on 9 targets in a diversion in Dallas final October. And while that was before Beckham blew up, it’s a sign that Eli Manning likes to widespread a round around and believes in his delegate targets.

    Hasselbeck: Stevie Johnson.  Even yet he is on a abyss breeze as a No. 3 far-reaching receiver for a Chargers, Johnson has a singular ability set that allows him to play both inside and outside.  And with no Antonio Gates in a lineup since of a suspension, that expected means some-more snaps for Johnson, who will be personification with, by far, a best quarterback he has ever had.

    Joyner: Eli Manning. He was a QB2 in many breeze rooms, yet a matchup opposite a Dallas delegate that is now yet a best cornerback (Orlando Scandrick) gives Manning high-tier QB1 upside this week. Don’t be astounded if he scores some-more points than scarcely any quarterback on a house this week.

    McCormick: Danny Woodhead isn’t a warn assignment to yield plain PPR increase for a entrance season. But presaging a plain RB2 bid (even in customary scoring) contra Detroit’s miserly defense, that authorised a third-fewest anticipation points to hostile backfields final season, should validate as unexpected. While it’s formidable to envision diversion flow, we can suppose Melvin Gordon carrying issues expecting space on early downs, and Woodhead could be a primary customer of chosen coverage linebacker DeAndre Levy‘s injury-induced deficiency on third downs. Eighty sum yards and a share of suggestive red section touches aren’t out of a doubt here.

    Walker: It stuns me a series of anticipation football players who disremember a good defense. Just like in genuine football, invulnerability can win championships. With that said, we design a Miami Dolphins’ invulnerability to sensitively shelve adult a lot of points opposite a Washington Redskins. we watched Miami’s invulnerability browbeat in training stay and reason opponents to only 3 points this preseason when a starters were on a field. Miami’s defensive line opposite Washington’s descent line competence be a biggest position mismatch we will see in Week 1. The Redskins’ quarterback conditions also has been a disaster all summer, and a Dolphins’ invulnerability is throwing Washington during a right time.

    In what sequence do we arrange a regulating backs in any backfield for a Giants-Cowboys diversion on Sunday night and why?

    Graziano: Giants: Rashad Jennings, Shane Vereen, Andre Williams. we still consider Jennings gets some-more carries than Williams as prolonged as he’s healthy, yet Vereen is going to see a margin a lot on flitting downs, and we consider this will be a shootout. Put Vereen No. 1 on this list if you’re in a PPR league. Cowboys: Joseph Randle, Darren McFadden, Lance Dunbar, Christine Michael. we consider Randle gets a initial shot to be a starter, and behind that line there’s a possibility he literally runs with it.

    Hasselbeck: Giants: Jennings, Vereen, Williams.  Jennings is a many versatile and arguable behind in their minds.  Vereen will have opportunities in a flitting game, and a diversion could simply spin into a shootout.  Williams competence get a goal-line work, yet there is positively no pledge that there is a goal-line opportunity.

    Cowboys: Randle, McFadden, Dunbar.  It’s been flattering clear that a Cowboys wish to give a initial legitimate moment during a pursuit to Randle since of age and potential.  McFadden looks like he will be given a role, even if he isn’t a starter.  And we fundamentally see no value for Dunbar, formed on how many we am expecting he plays.  In fact, we would theory that possibly Dunbar or Michael will not be active for a game.

    Joyner: For a Giants, it would be Jennings, afterwards Vereen and Andre Williams. Jennings is still a workhorse behind of this group, so he’ll expected finish adult with some-more carries/targets than a other two. Vereen is a pass-catching dilettante confronting a invulnerability with pass-coverage issues, so he’ll place a tighten second. Williams could get goal-line work, yet outward of that, he competence not see a lot of personification time.

    For Dallas, it’s Randle, afterwards McFadden followed by possibly Dunbar or Michael. Randle and McFadden could finish adult as a crew mixed and arrange good forward of Dunbar and Michael.

    McCormick: With Jennings and Williams potentially pity early downs, a pass-catching Vereen could infer engaging in what could be a pass-happy shootout. If final rushing touches — generally during a idea line — is formidable even for a kick writers, I’ll concentration on Vereen as a one actor with a sincerely predicted use settlement of 10-12 third-down touches. As for a Cowboys, we can’t brand a infallible use pattern. Sure, Dunbar should assume a share of third-down duties, yet yet a prolongation extraction Vereen brings to a Giants. My theory is Randle sees a many early-down touches and has a many profitable (a relations tenure here) outing. Randle, to me, is a obligatory personality in a hall until we see otherwise. The frightful part? We competence only see “otherwise” play out.

    Walker: For a record, we wouldn’t play any of these regulating backs as my initial or second option. A lot of anticipation teams around a nation are going to remove this week rolling a bones with tailbacks from this game. Michael is a furious label who is tough to arrange since he has to fast collect adult a new offense. we don’t design many from him for during slightest dual weeks. My ranking for a Cowboys is Randle, Dunbar, McFadden, afterwards Michael. For a Giants it is Jennings, Williams, afterwards Vereen.

    Among Week 1 quarterbacks, where do we arrange Ryan Tannehill opposite Washington?

    Graziano: Tannehill is solidly in a tip 10 for me. The Redskins have issues in a secondary, as always, and a Dolphins have a lot of receiving options with that to widespread them out. All reviews of Tannehill from stay indicate to a large year, and we consider his second year underneath Bill Lazor starts with a large Week 1.

    Hasselbeck: we have Tannehill as a No. 9 anticipation quarterback in Week 1.  The Redskins were one of a misfortune teams in a NFL contra a pass final year, and Tannehill competence have seen a many alleviation in his diversion among all quarterbacks.  Plus, a creativity of Miami’s descent complement will move about copiousness of opportunities in a flitting game.  And don’t be astounded if Tannehill has some-more than 50 rushing yards.

    Joyner: Got Tannehill pegged seventh on my quarterback house this week. He could rate even aloft opposite a terrible Washington secondary, yet Tannehill’s downfield throwing bravery is still a doubt mark. That doubt doesn’t keep him out of a QB1 review this week, however.

    McCormick: we have Tannehill forward of — gasp!Andrew Luck this week in my quarterback rankings. While that would routinely be a truly toll endorsement, Luck is in a singly adverse setup in Orchard Park contra a Buffalo Bills invulnerability that has authorised only 4 flitting touchdowns over a past 8 games (no, really). we am comparatively high on Tannehill, though, as he’s my No. 8 anticipation arm in a week with some unequivocally well-positioned signal-callers. As a opposite to a chosen defensive enemy Luck faces, a Redskins authorised a many flitting touchdowns over a second half of final season, environment Tannehill adult to feast on what competence be an even some-more exploitable Washington delegate than final season’s inexhaustible group.

    Walker: Here is where anticipation football can be tricky. No NFL director or crew consultant will tell we Tannehill is a top-10 quarterback. But we like his chances to be a top-10 anticipation quarterback this year, and he’s an generally good play in Week 1 opposite Washington’s unsure secondary. we know a Dolphins as good as anyone, and in their system, they are going to chuck a football a ton. Tannehill had some-more pass attempts (590) than Tom Brady (582), Philip Rivers (570) and Aaron Rodgers (520) final season. The emanate is Tannehill’s yards per try (6.86) needs to improve. The Dolphins have a right receivers to fit Tannehill’s skills and be improved with yards after a catch. Unless we have an chosen quarterback on your roster, Tannehill is a good choice in Week 1.

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