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No. 19 Clemson basketball travels to NC State uninformed off Wolfpack’s win over Duke

CLEMSON — When it became official, comparison ensure Gabe DeVoe was so gay that he churned out his dungeon phone to widespread a news.

For a initial time in 8 years, a Clemson’s men’s basketball group found itself ranked in a Associated Press Poll progressing this month. For DeVoe, that was value celebrating.

“Oh yeah, we was excited,” DeVoe told reporters Tuesday brazen of No. 19 Clemson’s matchup with N.C. State (11-5, 1-2 ACC) on Thursday. “I texted my mom, texted all my boys, usually vehement articulate about saying a series beside your name. It was a large understanding to me.”

Now DeVoe is anticipating a ranking is here to stay. It will usually countenance what has turn common believe during this point; a Tigers are personification their best basketball of a Brad Brownell epoch 15 games into a season. Thursday night on a highway they have nonetheless another possibility to infer this deteriorate is opposite — not usually a proxy strain — when they transport to N.C. State for a second matchup between a dual teams in usually 12 days.

Clemson (14-1, 3-0 ACC) kick N.C. State, 78-62, during Littlejohn Coliseum on Dec. 30. But a Wolfpack are entrance off a 96-85 dissapoint of No. 2 Duke on Saturday.

“Their bigs did a good pursuit in that diversion between a 3 of them. we consider 6 players had double total so a offset scoring attack,”DeVoe said. “Teams are some-more juiced adult personification on their home court, so we consider we usually need to do a good pursuit on a defensive boards, usually keep them off a descent potion and usually keep a round out of a paint.”

When Clemson kick N.C. State final month, a Tigers shot scarcely 10 percent improved from a margin than a Wolfpack did, and Clemson played a some-more offset code of basketball. The Tigers had 17 assists in that diversion to N.C. State’s nine. All 5 starters scored during slightest 10 points. 

But a Wolfpack used that same regulation to kick Duke. N.C. State had 17 assists of their possess and a Blue Devils had 16 turnovers that led to 22 points for a Wolfpack, who also had 44 of their 96 points in a paint.

Rebounding will also be during a premium, Brownell said.

“N.C. State played unimaginable in a diversion (against Duke). Had a garland of guys creation shots, Torin Dorn done some outrageous 3s,” Brownell said. “I suspicion (Braxton) Beverly and Al Freeman were good throughout. They have good distance inside with (Omer) Yurtseven and Lennard Freeman and (Abdul-Malik) Abu. Those guys are large and clever adequate to miscarry and finish clever around a basket and keep people away.”

Brownell expects this matchup to be a bit some-more heated than a last. 

“We know it’s going to be a good atmosphere in there Thursday during 9 p.m.,” he said. “It should be a really good game, I’m looking brazen to personification it.”

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