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No One Should Host a Golden Globes

Update (December 5, 2018, 5:45 P.M.): The Hollywood Foreign Press has announced that Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg will be hosting a 2019 Golden Globes. We wish them luck—but contend a opinion that a Globes do not need a host.

The strange post continues below.

After an surprising delay—and conjecture that nobody indeed wanted to do a job—the Oscars finally announced Tuesday that Kevin Hart will horde a 2019 ceremony. Hart described it as “the event of a lifetime,” in an Instagram post confirming a news. While a Academy’s news spared us weeks of Twitter parlor games, there’s still another vital awards rite entrance many earlier that is, for now, host-less. No speaker has nonetheless been announced for a 2019 Golden Globe Awards, that will take place Jan 6—a full month and a half before a Oscars!

Granted, this year’s nominees will be announced on Thursday—and it’s wholly probable a horde will be named afterwards as well. That chairman will expected have their possess Instagram post proclaiming how respected they are to be chosen, with a tongue-in-cheek fun about wrangling a famously boozy ceremony. It is substantially too late to speak them out of a gig, or remonstrate a Hollywood Foreign Press to make another choice. But customarily in case, here’s a proposition: no one should horde a Golden Globes. Not this year, or any year.

Going host-less, in fact, would be distant from rare for this sold telecast. The Golden Globes operated customarily excellent yet a horde for some-more than 50 years, until handing a rite over to John Larroquette (then starring on NBC’s The John Larroquette Show) and Janine Turner (a mixed Globe hopeful for her purpose on Northern Exposure) in 1995. Their opening digression enclosed a impulse of acclaim for a members of a Hollywood Foreign Press, a “life is like a box of chocolates” fun directed during Tom Hanks, and conjecture about what Junior would have been like had Arnold Schwarzenegger achieved a circumcision.

No one hosted again until 2009, when Ricky Gervais was tapped for avocation and told a press he had been given “free rein.” That resulted in his three-year run as host, that bolstered a Globes’s repute as riot where anyone could be a aim of a joke—but also desirous Robert Downey Jr. to impugn Gervais in a center of a 2011 show. “Aside from a fact that it’s been hugely mean-spirited with softly sinister undertones,” he said, “I’d contend a vibe of a uncover is flattering good so far.”

After Gervais came Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and their three-year run, that will substantially prolonged be regarded as a golden age of Golden Globes hosts. Gervais’s lapse in 2016 customarily valid how good they’d performed—and yet Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers did able jobs in their possess turns onstage, conjunction were a standouts of their nights. The 2017 Globes were not “the Jimmy Fallon Globes,” yet a year Meryl Streep attacked Donald Trump onstage. The 2018 Globes were not, as Meyers would be a first to admit, about him, yet a roomful of women wearing black to criticism gender inequality.

And that’s as it should be. As one of a many whimsical televised events of awards season—and positively a many whimsical uncover that has a best stars attendance—the Golden Globes don’t need a running palm of a horde to abate things up, or harmonise a bit that gets everybody articulate a subsequent day. The Globes have that unpredictability baked into their unequivocally DNA, from Christine Lahti blank her difficulty because she was in a bathroom to Timothée Chalamet gazing in awe during Tonya Harding. Everyone is sitting approach too tighten together; there’s a ton of champagne; and we never know when Leonardo DiCaprio competence side-eye Lady Gaga. If all else fails, there are always a show’s free-wheeling presenters, who customarily land a best jokes of a night anyway:

None of this, to be clear, indispensably relates to a Oscars as well. Sure, a Academy could grasp their almighty idea of cutting a uncover by ditching a host’s opening monologue—but it’s also available to have a singular chairman to censure when a ratings drop any year. Plus, carrying an Oscar horde is a tradition that dates behind to Douglas Fairbanks; there’s no need to chuck that out, so prolonged as film stars like Kevin Hart are still adult for holding a job. (Someone needs to come onstage to fun about because we unequivocally should compensate courtesy to a sound-mixing winners.)

A Golden Globes host, though? That’s a new invention that, we promise, no one will skip after a year of absence. Until Tina and Amy determine to come behind as hosts for life, let a Golden Globes work on their own. The champagne will keep flowing, a gaffes will continue, and everybody will get to a after-party a small bit sooner.

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