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No, a iPhone 6S is not waterproof

Despite rumors to a contrary, a iPhone 6S is not waterproof. 

CNNMoney put a new iPhone’s H2O insurgency to a test, dunking it in a vase of H2O for 5 minutes.

Remarkably, a iPhone 6S continued to work while submerged. But within seconds of holding a drop in a water, atmosphere froth began streaming adult from a iPhone, suggesting that H2O was collecting inside a device. A notation into a test, H2O began distorting a bottom of a screen.

The iPhone continued to duty for about 10 mins after holding it out of a water, with a few hiccups. The phone did not play any music, since it suspicion that headphones were plugged into a jack — presumably since a headphone pier was waterlogged. Eventually, a shade went totally white, stopped functioning, and afterwards close off for good.

Still, durability that prolonged in H2O is an considerable attainment for a smartphone. Gadget word association Protect Your Bubble recently tested an iPhone 5 in a identical test, and a smartphone stopped operative after 10 seconds in an aquarium.

Protect Your Bubble also dunked a iPhone 6S in an aquarium, and a phone continued to work for 45 mins underneath water. The word association believes that a iPhone 6S tests competence have constructed opposite formula since of a positioning of a iPhone: The phone was fibbing prosaic in a aquarium, though honest in CNNMoney’s vase.

Apple never indeed done a explain that a iPhone 6S was waterproof.

Ahead of a iPhone 6S launch in September, some tech blogs reported rumors that a new iPhone would be H2O resistant. The rumors were given some effect when Apple progressing this year was postulated a obvious to make electronic “components within a computing device” H2O resistant.

An iFixit teardown of a iPhone 6S seemed to endorse that a iPhone 6S was built with H2O resistance. Rubber washers were placed around all of a iPhone’s ports, assisting to forestall H2O from seeping in.

That expected could assistance a iPhone 6S tarry a quick, random asperse into a toilet. But if your phone creates it into a ocean, we can substantially lick it goodbye.

CNNMoney also tested a new iPhone for blemish insurgency and break resistance. The iPhone 6S hold adult flattering good in both tests.

The shade survived an assault of pivotal scratches and jabs. It also survived 3 four-foot drops onto a petrify staircase — with some important dings and dents.

Earlier this month, Motorola denounced a Droid Turbo 2, with a world’s initial shatterproof smartphone screen.

With H2O resistance, blemish insurgency and shatterproof technology, the smartphones are apropos distant some-more klutz-proof than in prior years.

Article source: http://www.abc15.com/news/national/no-the-iphone-6s-is-not-waterproof


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