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Nokia’s nostalgia trap: The prohibited old-is-new-again 3310


The reversion Nokia 3310 was a prominence of a HMD display for new Nokia phones.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

The good news: The reversion Nokia 3310 candy bar phone is one of a many buzzed-about equipment during a Mobile World Congress trade show.

The bad news: The reversion Nokia 3310 — and not a new Nokia phones — is one of a many buzzed-about equipment during a show.

The Nokia 3310, that creatively launched during a spin of a millennium, is a latest try to yank during a heartstrings, partial of a broader trend bringing behind iconic shows and products from a youth. The miniaturized Nintendo Classic was a hard-to-find object during a holidays, and ’80s stalwarts “Full House” and “Voltron” are both enjoying a reconstruction with new episodes on Netflix.

It’s no fluke that following a press discussion hold by HMD, a Finnish startup building Nokia phones, people done a beeline for a list with a 3310 phones.

The Nokia 3310 is behind and so is Snake

The classical mobile of a early noughties is revamped with a slimmer body, colour shade and an refurbish to Snake.

by Jonathan Garnham

It’s an effective proceed to get people articulate about your products during a swarming trade uncover like Mobile World Congress, that this year featured attention-grabbers like LG’s newest flagship phone and a supposed “Gigabit Phone” from ZTE. And for HMD, that was founded and staffed by many former Nokia executives, courtesy is a profitable commodity.

“The frenzy of nostalgia around a updated 3310 will broach some much-needed consumer recognition that Nokia-branded inclination are behind on a shelves,” pronounced Ben Wood, an researcher during CCS Insight.

But here’s a rub: Relying too many on that storied name and a newness cause of a phone that’s scarcely dual decades aged (even if a association did refurbish a look) pierce their possess issues: They bluster to shroud what you’re doing today.

“They have a sophistry act,” pronounced IHS researcher Ian Fogg. “How does HMD precedence a aged code and during a same time do mint things?”

Juho Sarvikas, arch product officer of HMD, isn’t endangered that a Nokia brand competence get relegated to a newness object and believes a new 3310 will give a startup a possibility to do “some fun things on amicable media.”

Why not?

It’s transparent HMD put some suspicion into a new 3310, that has some-more dull curves and new splendid colors though retains many of a DNA of a strange candy bar phone.

“We thought, what a heck, let’s do it,” HMD CEO Arto Nummela pronounced during an speak in a tiny hotel room off a categorical Las Ramblas drag in Barcelona on Saturday. “We wanted to have fun with it.”


The 49 euro ($51.75) 3310 boasts 22 hours of speak time and a month of standby time, 10 times a original’s capabilities. Yes, it comes with Gameloft’s updated chronicle of a strange Snake game, as good as a iconic Nokia ringtone.

While required proof would disagree that a people who have a affinity for this phone would be a slightest expected to buy it — many of us have changed on to somewhat some-more worldly inclination — HMD believes a 3310 could win a association new Nokia fans in rising markets, where simple phones are still common.

Sarvikas pronounced it could also work as a delegate “digital detox” phone we use while on vacation. It’s many harder for your trainer to strech we over a weekend if your phone can’t get e-mail. (The trainer could call you, though who does that any more?)

What’s in a name?

HMD’s desirous reconstruction of Nokia will offer as a exam of how many change a code still binds over consumers.

If China is any indication, HMD has reason to be optimistic. When a association launched a Nokia 6 there final month, 1.3 million people purebred for a product in a initial 4 days.

Surprisingly, many of them weren’t aged Nokia diehards. Nummela pronounced that 74 percent of a people who sealed adult were 30 or younger — people who potentially never owned a Nokia phone before.

HMD is starting with midrange to low-end pricing (the phones operation from 139 euros, or $147, to 299 euros, or $316) since it sees that shred as a biggest event to make waves. The meditative is that in a sea of me-too bill phones, you’re some-more expected to select a one with a code we recognize.

The association doesn’t consider it’s only drumming into a brand’s former lean over consumers. TCL, that is likewise perplexing to revive a once-beloved BlackBerry brand, believes it’s critical to pierce brazen with that name.

“I don’t use a word ‘nostalgia’ as we use a word ‘legacy’,” Steve Cistulli, conduct of TCL’s North American business, pronounced in an speak on Saturday. “When we take that bequest and pierce it forward, that’s where we have a lot of a passion ingrained.”

HMD takes a identical tack. “We’re some-more relying on attributes and a identical philosophical approach,” Nummela said. “It’s reduction about doing something that already existed.”

CNET’s Katie Collins contributed to this story.

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