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North Korea view group runs arms operation out of Malaysia, UN says

It is in Kuala Lumpur’s “Little India” neighborhood, behind an unmarked doorway on a second building of a outline building, where a troops apparatus association called Glocom says it has a office.

Glocom is a front association run by North Korean comprehension agents that sells terrain radio apparatus in defilement of United Nations sanctions, according to a United Nations news submitted to a Security Council seen by Reuters.

Reuters found that Glocom advertises over 30 radio systems for “military and paramilitary” organizations on a Malaysian website, glocom.com.my.

Glocom’s Malaysian website, that was taken down late final year, listed a Little India residence in a contacts section. No one answers a doorway there and a mailbox outward is pressed with unopened letters.

In fact, no association by that name exists in Malaysia. But dual Malaysian companies tranquil by North Korean shareholders and directors purebred Glocom’s website in 2009, according to website and association registration documents.

And it does have a business, a unreleased U.N. news says. Last July, an atmosphere conveyance of North Korean troops communications equipment, sent from China and firm for Eritrea, was intercepted in an unnamed country. The seized apparatus enclosed 45 boxes of terrain radios and accessories labeled “Glocom”, brief for Global Communications Co.

Glocom is tranquil by a Reconnaissance General Bureau, a North Korean comprehension group tasked with abroad operations and weapons procurement, a news says, citing undisclosed information it obtained.

A orator for North Korea’s goal during a U.N. told Reuters he had no information about Glocom.

U.N. fortitude 1874, adopted in 2009, stretched a arms embargo opposite North Korea to embody troops apparatus and all “related materiel”.

But doing of a sanctions “remains deficient and rarely inconsistent” among member countries, a U.N. news says, and North Korea is regulating “evasion techniques that are augmenting in scale, range and sophistication.”

Malaysia is one of a few countries in a universe that had clever ties with North Korea. Their adults can transport to any other’s countries though visas. But those ties have begun to green after North Korean personality Kim Jong Un’s disloyal half-brother was murdered during Kuala Lumpur’s general airfield on Feb 13.



According to a “WHOIS” database, that discloses website ownership, Glocom.com.my was purebred in 2009 by an entity called International Global System regulating a “Little India” address. A likewise named company, International Golden Services is listed as a hit indicate on Glocom’s website.

Glocom purebred a new website, glocom-corp.com, in mid-December, this one display no Malaysian contacts. Its many new post is antiquated January, 2017 and advertises new products, including a remote control complement for a precision-guided missile.

Glocom is operated by a Pyongyang bend of a Singapore-based association called Pan Systems, a U.N. news says, citing an check and other information it obtained.

Louis Low, handling executive of Pan Systems in Singapore pronounced his association used to have an business in Pyongyang from 1996 though strictly finished family with North Korea in 2010 and was no longer in control of any business there.

“They use (the) Pan Systems (name) and contend it’s a unfamiliar company, though they work all by themselves,” Low told Reuters referring to a North Koreans during a Pyongyang office.

Pan Systems Pyongyang employed bank accounts, front companies and agents mostly formed in China and Malaysia to buy components and sell finished radio systems, a U.N. news says. Pan Systems Pyongyang could not be reached for comment.

One of a directors of Pan Systems Pyongyang is Ryang Su Nyo. According to a source with approach believe of her background, Ryang reports to “Liaison Office 519”, a dialect in a Reconnaissance General Bureau. Ryang is also listed as a shareholder of International Global System, a association that purebred Glocom’s website.

Reuters has not been means to hit Ryang. 



Ryang frequently trafficked to Singapore and Malaysia to accommodate with Pan Systems representatives, a U.N. news says.

On one such outing in Feb 2014, she and dual other North Koreans were incarcerated in Malaysia for attempting to filch $450,000 by etiquette during Kuala Lumpur’s bill airfield terminal, dual sources with approach believe of a conditions told Reuters.

The North Korean contingent told Malaysian authorities they all worked for Pan Systems and a money belonged to a North Korean embassy in Kuala Lumpur, according to a dual sources.

The Malaysian Attorney General motionless not to press charges given of deficient evidence. A week later, a contingent was authorised to travel, and a North Korean embassy claimed a cash, a sources said. All 3 had passports reserved to supervision officials, a sources said.

Malaysia’s Customs Department and a Attorney General’s business did not respond to requests for criticism over a weekend.

The Pan Systems deputy in Kuala Lumpur is a North Korean by a name of Kim Chang Hyok, a U.N. news says.

Kim, who also goes by James Kim, was a initial executive of International Golden Services, a association listed in a contacts territory of a Glocom website. Kim is executive and shareholder of 4 other companies in Malaysia handling in a fields of IT and trade, according to a Malaysian association registry.

He did not respond to requests for criticism by mail or email.

The United Nations panel, that prepared a breeze report, asked a Malaysian supervision if it would ban Kim and solidify a resources of International Golden Services and International Global System to approve with U.N. sanctions. The U.N. did not contend when it done a request.

“The row has nonetheless to accept an answer,” a news said.

 Reuters has not perceived a response from a Malaysian supervision to steady requests for criticism about Glocom.



One of Glocom’s early partners in Malaysia was Mustapha Ya’akub, a distinguished member of Malaysia’s statute United Malays National Organisation (UMNO). Since 2014, he has been listed as a executive of International Golden Services

As secretary of a UMNO girl wing’s general affairs bureau, Mustapha fostered domestic connectors in a 1990s with countries, such as Iran, Libya and North Korea. Glocom’s Little India residence once housed a association owned by UMNO Youth.

Mustapha, 67, pronounced he had been a Glocom business partner “many years back” and pronounced it has been invariably tranquil by several North Koreans, including Kim Chang Hyok, whom he pronounced he knew. He did not hold his purpose in a company, and denied any believe of Glocom’s stream business.

“We suspicion during a time it competence be a good thought to go into business together,” Mustapha told Reuters about his initial assembly with his North Korean business contacts. He did not contend who those contacts were or what they discussed. He denied any believe of Glocom’s stream business.

    Glocom advertises and exhibits a things though disclosing a North Korean connections.

“Anywhere, Anytime in Battlefield,” reads a aphorism on one of several 2017 Glocom catalogs performed by Reuters. 

    An announcement in a Sep 2012 book of a Asian Military Review pronounced Glocom develops radios and apparatus for “military and paramilitary organizations”. 

    A orator for a repository reliable a ad had been bought by Glocom, though pronounced a repository was unknowingly of a purported links to North Korea. 

Glocom has exhibited during slightest 3 times given 2006 during Malaysia’s biennial arms show, Defence Services Asia (DSA), according to Glocom’s website.

At DSA 2016, Glocom paid 2,000 ringgit ($450) to share a list in a counter of Malaysia’s Integrated Securities Corporation, a executive Hassan Masri told Reuters by email.

Hassan pronounced he had zero to do with Glocom’s apparatus and was unknowingly of a purported links to North Korea.

Aside from a North Koreans behind Glocom, clues on a website also indicate to a North Korean origins.

For instance, one undated print shows a bureau workman contrast a Glocom radio system. A board circuitously shows a appurtenance he is regulating has won a singly North Korean award: The Model Machine No. 26 Prize,” named in respect of late personality Kim Jong Il, who is pronounced to have well operated “Lathe No. 26” during a Pyongyang Textile Factory when he was a student.


(Reporting by James Pearson and Rozanna Latiff. Additional stating by Nicole Nee in SINGAPORE, Michelle Price in HONG KONG and Ned Parker in New York.; Editing by Bill Tarrant.)

Article source: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-northkorea-malaysia-arms-insight-idUSKBN1650YE