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Not a ‘Department of No,’ New Defense Chief Turns Trump’s Demands Into Policy

It was, his former colleagues say, a singular multiple of someone who could compound technical imagination with a broader vision.

“He is a brightest and smartest man we worked with during Boeing,” pronounced Carolyn Corvi, a former executive during a company. “He has a ability to see over a setting and make what is there currently into something opposite than it is.”

Former colleagues of Mr. Shanahan, an operative lerned during a Massachusetts Institute of Technology, tell stories of him walking a bureau building and diving into technical sum of design, production or supply bondage to find improved altogether approaches to problems.

Inside a Pentagon, Mr. Shanahan has also gained a repute for sweating a details.

He has been famous to reason five-hour meetings, starting during 8 a.m., on Saturdays, privately focused on F-35 strike warrior jets, according to one Defense Department official.

Because of his prior work during Boeing, Mr. Shanahan has recused himself for a generation of his reign from questions involving a company, including opening reviews, bill decisions and other module decisions, according to Pentagon officials.

“If Mattis was Mr. Outside, focusing on process issues and general alliances, Pat was Mr. Inside, a department’s arch handling officer,” pronounced Dov Zakheim, a former tip Pentagon central in a George W. Bush administration, who has famous Mr. Shanahan for a decade.

“He accepted what his purpose was ostensible to be — a manager,” Mr. Zakheim said. “He didn’t try to be what he wasn’t. He didn’t try to be Mr. Mattis’s change ego.”

Article source: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/24/us/politics/patrick-shanahan-defense-secretary.html