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Nursing Home Deaths in Florida Heighten Scrutiny of Disaster Planning

“It’s vague, yet this eventuality is going to prominence a need,” pronounced Dr. David Marcozzi, an associate highbrow during a University of Maryland School of Medicine and former executive of a sovereign health caring preparedness program. “Let me put it this way, if we were in Alaska and what was compulsory to contend protected temperatures was a heater, we wouldn’t contend we don’t need a heater.”

“No one should solidify to death,” he added. “No one should have a feverishness injury.”

A rapist review was stability Thursday into a deaths of a residents, who ranged in age from 71 to 99, in a nursing home lacking air-conditioning since of widespread energy failures from Hurricane Irma. The core had asked a energy company, Florida Power Light, to revive electricity, yet nursing homes were not deliberate as high a priority for replacement as other comforts like hospitals.

Broward County and association officials have bickered over who set a priorities, while questions also remained about possibly a residents should have been private sooner. More than 140 were evacuated to internal hospitals on Wednesday.

“I’m spitting mad,” pronounced Vendetta Craig, whose mother, Edna Jefferson, 87, lived during a home. She went to check on her Thursday during Memorial Regional Hospital, and pronounced she was recovering. “We chuck a aged away. They’re a money crop.”

The nursing home had a generator, yet it did not energy a air-conditioning, that customarily requires a many some-more absolute generator, or a second unit. Such a generator is not compulsory by stream manners — and it is misleading possibly those enforcing a new manners will need it, either.

The nursing home was thankful to keep a heat safe, and officials there pronounced mark coolers and fans had been used after a energy went out — yet doctors and puncture workers who went in on Wednesday used difference like “oven” to report a conditions.

Gov. Rick Scott on Thursday systematic a nursing home kicked out of a Medicaid program, a pierce that would expected doom a trickery if it does not get a preference reversed.


Janice Connelly of Hollywood placed a commemorative of balloons, flowers, candles and signs for a 8 people who died during a center.

Scott McIntyre for The New York Times

When it expelled a new rule, that determined puncture preparedness mandate for a extended operation of health caring providers, a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid remarkable that some people had wanted some-more clarity on a supplies concerning heat control. But a group deliberate that comforts in one partial of a nation competence have opposite final than those in another. “We have not compulsory minimums for these forms of mandate since they would change severely between facilities,” a group wrote.


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As with many rules, cost is an issue, and homes that rest on Medicaid reimbursements contend their skinny margins make purchases like a second generator a daunting expense.

“That is not something we can go to Home Depot and collect adult off a shelf,” pronounced David Gold, a director of a Pinecrest Rehabilitation Center in North Miami. “The sovereign and state supervision should assistance us compensate for it.”

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But Keith Myers, authority of a Florida Board of Nursing Home Administrators, pronounced his company, MorseLife Health System, had purchased a $1.5 million generator 5 years ago for a 300-patient long-term caring facility, and that it was partly lonesome by an composition in Medicaid’s payment rate. “It’s not unequivocally an excuse,” he said.

Mr. Gold of Pinecrest pronounced his generator had supposing energy for some unstable air-conditioning units, a fridge and freezer and a lot of fans, yet a primary air-conditioning section was not operative in a days after a storm. As a heat in a trickery neared 81 degrees, a threshold underneath a law, a home eliminated a many frail patients to other facilities.

The Florida health dialect pronounced Thursday that some-more than 164 assisted vital comforts and 29 nursing homes evacuated after a storm. Almost all of a state’s hospitals had energy easy or were using on generators.

Florida was not a usually state where nursing homes were underneath scrutiny. In Port Arthur, Tex., on Thursday, a military served a hunt aver as partial of an review into a nursing home that flooded from Hurricane Harvey.

After a storm, a military entered a home and found a feet of station water, that was “chocolate brown” and filled with feces and urine, pronounced Detective Mike Hebert. Patients were fibbing on beds in a corridor with H2O rising around them, he said. Helped by volunteers with boats, a military evacuated dozens of residents to safety.

“It took your exhale divided when we walked into a facility,” Detective Hebert said. “The sharp smell that everybody had to endure, generally a patients and a nurses.”


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Bonnie Leonardo, whose mother, Loretta Linn, 83, was a proprietor of a Hollywood, Fla., nursing home, pronounced that when a dual spoke after a storm, her mom had reported that a air-conditioning was out, and that she was prohibited and not feeling well.

Ms. Leonardo, who lives in Texas, had purchased a fan for her mom a few years ago, and a home’s staff retrieved and set it up, she said.

Ms. Leonardo subsequent perceived an refurbish when she incited on a news Wednesday and saw reports of deaths during a home. Her mom survived and is recuperating during Memorial Hospital.

In a past, Ms. Leonard said, “my mom has been treated wonderfully” by a home.

Now, she said, “I am so ill from this, we don’t even know what I’m doing.”

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