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Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 review: The many badass graphics label ever created

“It’s insane,” Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang proudly admitted during a GeForce GTX 1080’s reveal, holding a graphics label aloft. “The 1080 is insane. It’s roughly insane amounts of performance… a 1080 is a new king.”

He wasn’t joking. The long, barren years of stalled GPU record are over, and this savage is badass.

A hulk burst for GPU-kind

As different as it is, a vast opening burst of a GTX 1080 (starting during $599 MSRP, $699 Nvidia Founders Edition reviewed) doesn’t accurately come as a surprise.

Faltering graphics processor routine record left graphics cards from both Nvidia and AMD stranded on a 28-nanometer transistor node for 4 prolonged years—an roughly infinite length of time in a lightning-fast universe of complicated technology. Plans to pierce to 20nm GPUs fell by a wayside due to technical woes. That means a 16nm Pascal GPUs violence inside a GTX 1080’s heart (and AMD’s forthcoming 14nm Polaris GPUs) paint a burst of two full routine generations.

That’s nuts, and it alone could emanate a large fanciful burst in performance. But Nvidia didn’t stop there.

Pascal GPUs adopted a advanced FinFET “3D” transistor technology that done a initial mainsteam coming in Intel’s Ivy Bridge mechanism processors, and a GTX 1080 is a initial graphics label powered by GDDR5X memory, a supercharged new chronicle of a GDDR5 memory that’s come customary in graphics cards for a few years now.

geforce gtx 1080 front pcb 1463236682

The front PCB of a GeForce GTX 1080.

On tip of all that, Nvidia invested significantly in a new Pascal pattern itself, quite in tweaking efficiencies to boost time speeds while concurrently shortening energy requirements, as good as many some-more under-the-hood goodies that we’ll get to later—including extended asynchronous discriminate facilities that should assistance Nvidia’s cards perform improved in DirectX 12 titles and fight a vital Radeon advantage.

Oh, and did we discuss all a new facilities and performance-enhancing program alighting alongside a GTX 1080? 

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