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Nvidia’s brutal GeForce GTX 1080 and GTX 1070: The 10 pivotal things we need to know

Nvidia’s long-awaited GeForce GTX 1080 is real and it’s spectacular—at slightest on paper. If we missed Friday night’s large reveal, here are a 10 things we need to know about Nvidia’s ferocious, cutting-edge GeForce GTX 1080 and a just-as-impressive GeForce GTX 1070.

1) Ludicrous speed

The many critical thing to know: This thing is fast. Ridonkulously fast. “Faster than twin GeForce GTX 980s in SLI” fast, that is hands-down faster than Nvidia’s flagship Titan X, a many manly single-GPU graphics label ever released. During a demo, a new Doom surfaced out during roughly 200 frames per second during 1080p fortitude with all a graphics settings cranked. As we pronounced in my initial coverage: Hot damn.

2) Ludicrous speed redux

screen shot 2016 05 07 during 6.35.12 pm GeForce.com

Nvidia-supplied opening comparison of a GTX 1080 vs a GTX 980. Click to enlarge.

Remember how we pronounced a Titan X is a many manly singular GPU ever released? That high-water symbol is a new mid-range for Nvidia’s Pascal GPU architecture. The step-down GeForce GTX 1070 outpunches a Titan X too, Nvidia says—though it never pronounced accurately what was being compared.

3) Black magic

The tip salsa behind those jaw-dropping opening gains lies in a adoption of several cutting-edge technologies, all during once. After being stranded on a 28 nanometer transistor production routine for 4 prolonged years, Nvidia’s Pascal GPUs are being built on a 16nm process—a two-generation technological leap. What’s more, a chips welcome modernized FinFET technology, as good as 8GB of an softened form of memory dubbed GDDR5X that allows for whopping 10Gbps speeds. No, that’s not as quick as a cutting-edge high-bandwidth memory found in AMD’s Fury graphics cards, nonetheless HBM’s now singular to 4GB capacities and a GDDR5X is still copiousness speedier than a GTX 980’s 7Gbps memory.

You can find a full set of announced GTX 1080 tech specs on Nvidia’s website if you’re interested.

4) Power efficiency

geforcegtx1080 0393

The pierce to a 16nm routine gives Nvidia’s newest GPU an violent burst in opening and efficiency.

Beyond enabling eye-watering performance, those technological leaps helped a Pascal pattern turn Nvidia’s many energy-efficient GPU yet, with a GTX 1080 braggadocio 3 times a potency of a Maxwell GPU-based Titan X, according to Nvidia. Yet notwithstanding charity some-more opening than twin GTX 980s, a GTX 1080 usually final 180W of energy over a singular 8-pin energy connector. That seems like it shouldn’t be possible—powering a span of GTX 980s final a use of 4 6-pin energy connections, by comparison.

5) Overclocks like a beast

But a there’s still copiousness of overclocking headroom for people who wish MOAR POWER stealing behind that medium energy draw. While a GTX 1080 offers time speeds hundreds of megahertz aloft than a GTX 980 out of a box—with a max boost time of 1733MHz—Nvidia showed a Paragon demo regulating on a GTX 1080 overclocked to a peppery 2114MHz. And it was air-cooled, and still regulating during a partially cold 67 degrees Celcius.

6) Simultaneous multi-display

Nvidia’s loading a GTX 1080 down with some new program tricks, too. Simultaneous multi-display improves how games demeanour on mixed displays or VR headsets, regulating technological tricks to forestall a exaggeration that naturally occurs when you’re raised an picture onto mixed displays slanted during somewhat opposite angles. (Think of a true line drawn on a square of paper, afterwards how it appears when we overlay that paper instead—angled, rather than straight.)

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