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Obama casts Trump truth as one of ignorance, isolation

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama expel Donald Trump’s positions on immigration, trade and Muslims as partial of an ignorance-and-isolation truth that a boss says will lead a U.S. down a trail of decline.

Obama used his derivation debate Sunday during Rutgers University to rip into a unreserved Republican nominee, but ever mentioning his name. Time and again a boss invoked specific Trump policies to malign a rejecting of facts, scholarship and intellectualism that he pronounced was pervading politics.

“In politics and in life, stupidity is not a virtue,” Obama told some 12,000 graduates during a open university in New Jersey. “It’s not cold to not know what you’re articulate about. That’s not gripping it genuine or revelation it like it is. That’s not severe domestic correctness. That’s only not meaningful what you’re articulate about,” a boss said.

“And yet, we’ve turn confused about this,” he added.

Obama’s reprove came as Trump closes in on clinching a GOP nomination, lifting a awaiting that November’s choosing could portend a annulment of Obama’s policies and proceed to governing. In new days, Trump has started focusing on a entire choosing while operative to combine a fractured Republican Party around his candidacy. Democrats are readying for a quarrel opposite a existence TV horde they never expected would make it this far.

Obama has mostly directed transparent of a competition as Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders contest into a summer for a nomination. But in speeches like this one, he has laid out themes that Democrats are certain to use as they work to repudiate Trump a White House. He’s urged reporters to investigate Trump’s deceptive process prescriptions and not to stress what he calls “the philharmonic and a circus.”

Trump has barreled his approach toward a assignment by emphasizing a surpassing concerns of Americans who have felt left behind by a modern, tellurian economy, summed adult in his entire debate aphorism of “Make America good again.” He’s called for gripping Muslim immigrants out of a U.S., gutting Obama’s trade deals with Asia and Europe, and enormous down on immigrants in a U.S. illegally.

In his speech, Obama told graduates that when they hear people polish sentimental about a “good aged days” in America, they should “take it with a pellet of salt.”

“Guess what? It ain’t so,” a boss said, rattling off a list of measures by that life is improved in a U.S. than in decades past.

Yet Obama cautioned that both Democrats and Republicans were obliged for over-magnifying a country’s problems. And he seemed to lift behind kindly on Sanders, whose rallies are packaged with immature Americans entertaining a candidate’s calls to dig an mercantile complement he says is fraudulent in preference of a intensely rich.

“The complement isn’t as fraudulent as we think,” Obama said.

Looking out during a sea of red and black gowns during High Point Solution Stadium, Obama pronounced a gait of change on a universe is accelerating, not subsiding. He pronounced new story had valid that a toughest hurdles can't be solved in isolation.

“A wall won’t stop that,” Obama said, bringing to mind Trump’s call for building a limit wall between a U.S. and Mexico. “The indicate is, to assistance ourselves, we’ve got to assistance others — not lift adult a drawbridge and try to keep a universe out.”

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who ran opposite Trump for a GOP assignment and has given turn one of his many outspoken surrogates, didn’t attend a president’s debate during Rutgers. Instead, he spent a day during circuitously Princeton University for his son’s ball diversion — a Ivy League championship.

The president, who returned to Washington after his speech, will broach a final derivation residence on Jun 1 during a U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Earlier in May, Obama echoed identical themes about swell in a U.S. when he spoke during historically black Howard University in Washington.


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